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Review: “The Beast Slayer” by Rin Sparrow

The Beast SlayerTitle: The Beast Slayer

Author: Rin Sparrow

Genre: Fantasy

LGBTQ+ Category: M/M

Publisher: Yaoifix

Pages: 239


Warrior Wulf is a straight-spoken man of Truth, a man honored by the people and Blessed by God. He has faith in his skills to kill, but navigating an unfamiliar, licentious court is a struggle unto itself. Now, burdened with a heart in mourning and an unwanted bed slave, he will face a new menace, a voice from the shadows enspelling and seducing him toward his doom.

Review by Maz

A new twist on the classic Beowulf, The Beast Slayer by Rin Sparrow is an exciting story of fierce warriors, deadly monsters, and political unrest. Wulf is a warrior to the bone, living only to defeat evil and kill monsters. While claiming the head of his prize, Grendel, he comes face to face with the unexpected. Now the man must war over his inner demons while somehow stuck in the middle of a political storm he wants nothing to do with.

There’s no way not to love a warrior like Wulf. The man knows what he wants: to kill beasts and serve God. He has no time for kingdom matters he doesn’t understand and even less time for matters of the heart that threaten to tug at his broken one.  When a clever demon offers him the information he needs for a pact, I was delighted that the demon was as sinister and devious as I was hoping he would be. Poor Wulf is stuck in a very precarious situation, having to give in to more primal desires in order to keep his head above water. All the while, his heart is being captured by his charming bed slave, Ryle, who was forced on him like an unwanted Christmas sweater.

Not only is poor Wulf battling his inner and outer demons and navigating his heart, but the kingdom is slowly eating itself from the inside out and the villagers are favoring him over the king! Poor Wulf can’t watch a break.

The Beast Slayer is gripping and exciting and I couldn’t put it down. The story’s pace is done well and I finished it in one sitting. Enough action to keep the pages turning, spiked with excellent spice and a touch of heartache. For those who love fantasy and classic good vs evil tales with warriors and demons, this is a great throwback to those stories.

Maz is a long time m/m romance and sci-fi enthusiast who always has her nose buried in a book. When she’s not reading about love and adventures, she enjoys writing, paleontology and all things geeky.


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