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Review: The Lute of Liana – Rosen Pavus

The Lute Of Liana - Rosen Pavus

Genre: Fantasy

LGBTQ+ Category: Ace

Reviewer: Lucy

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Note: this book is currently only available in paperback.

About The Book

Join an unusual and kind-hearted party of adventurers as they journey through the vast LGBTQ-friendly lands of Findor in search of a legendary treasure: The Lute of Liana. Throughout their travels they will meet friends old and new and discover the true meaning and worth of friendship, love, and family.

The Review

The Lute of Liana is a sweet, gentle romp through the fantasy world of Findor, which is populated by orcs, faeries, dwarves, and other mythical creatures. We follow the adventures of a group of travelers who are on a quest for the Lute of Liana so that the beautiful bard, Song, may use it to improve her family’s position in their society. But as they travel through Findor, the group learns things about one another, and themselves, that they didn’t know. Their friendships are quickly formed, but true. And they are very accepting of the differences they find in one another and are slow to judge harshly. 

This well-written story is perfect for anyone who enjoys the epic quests, whether they are literary or in games. The travelers are searching for the lute, complete tasks to earn potions, food, drink, or coin, and talk to various citizens of Findor along the way to learn directions to where they’re going. There is no violence or angst, just a fun little trek through a darling fantasy world. 

This is listed as the first of the series, and I’m looking forward to more about this group of travelers and their continuing quests. 

The Reviewer

I’m an avid reader who loves pretty much all genres except math textbooks. As a kid, my parents exposed me to everything from fairies, hobbits, and dragons to the biographies of interesting people around the world, interspersed with poetry, plays, and music. Into adulthood, I spent a lot of years with my nose buried in various textbooks. Now, I read whatever grabs my fancy.  

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