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Green Lantern Comic Uses the Term TERF

Green Lantern

A comic book from DC Comics that is publishing today will feature the term “TERF” – short for “Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist,” or someone who uses the language of feminism to attack transgender people – for the first time ever. The Green Lantern Season 2 #12 issue, the final in the series written by non-binary author Grant Morrison and illustrated by Liam Sharp, includes the words among other terms used as insults being said between a large, divided crowd. “Queer,” “fat,” “Nazi,” and “tool” are also used as pejoratives. Based on previews, the terms were use to illustrate the divisions … Read more

Discussion: Racism and Bigotry in Fiction

District 9

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Tim O’Leary: I work with someone who seemed perfectly nice in every way. Funny, charming, etc. And three months into knowing him, we were having a casual conversation and he nonchalantly revealed through a story he was telling that he was a raving anti-Semite. But what was most chilling was how calm and natural he was about it. So it made me think about fantasy and sci-fi with different races. Obviously we’ve seen examples of racism in Star Trek and shows like that, but usually the racism (bigotry against Klingons, etc) is overt and obvious. … Read more