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TV: Black Mirror Fans Ask: Where’s the Queer Representation?

Black Mirror

Fans of Black Mirror have shared their outrage online over the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in the new season. The Netflix original was acclaimed in past seasons for including LGBTQ characters. Most notably, the Emmy award-winning episode San Junipero was celebrated for it’s heartbreaking lesbian storyline. However, fans are disappointed in the release of season five as it fails to include any LGBT storylines. It was hinted that episode four, Hang The DJ, would include some representation but a fleeting five seconds of lesbian action disappointed viewers. By Meka Beresford – Full Story at Pink News

TV: Black Episode “San Junipero” Wins Two Emmys


Black Mirror episode San Junipero, a beautiful lesbian love story, has won two Emmy Awards. The 60-minute episode of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian anthology series, which airs on Netflix, featured two women living in a digital afterlife. San Junipero broke with Black Mirror’s usually-bleak depiction of technology and the future, with a notably upbeat and heartwarming love story between two women. The acclaimed episode, which was near-universally acclaimed, picked up an Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie. By Nick Duffy – Full Story at Pink News

“Black Mirror” Buries “Bury Your Guys”


If you identify as being anything other than straight, you know that living life under the rainbow flag can be difficult. From canceling your gym membership because it’s become a depressing graveyard of Grindr hookups, to strangers revealing that between their legs dangles the Excalibur of schlongs, primed to magically turn any lesbian back into a peen-loving heterosexual, life comes with its own unique set of downsides. Oh, and then there’s the whole being verbally or physically assaulted and occasionally fearing for your life thing. All this being said though, at least us real-life LGBTQ’ers aren’t (for the most part) … Read more