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Orion's Beau

We’re looking for gay fantasy fiction and poetry for our inaugural issue. We’d like submissions to be in by the end of February. A little bit about the magazine: Orion’s Beau creates a space where diverse artists, poets, writers, and others can share their original works, magic, growth, and other worlds. Even in darkness, hope can exist. Happy endings are possible for us all. We specialize in works of gay fantasy. See our submission page for more information:


Amble Press

Just got this from queer Latino author and now editor Michael Nava: A few months ago, I became managing editor of Amble Press, anew imprint of Bywater Books, an established and respected lesbian small press. The owners of Bywater started Amble because they wanted to publish writers across the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum and were particularly interested in publishing queer writers of color. I’m now currently and actively seeking submissions for fall 2021. We are interested in a broad range of genres, including sci-fi and speculative fiction. See our submissions page for more information:

Call for Submissions: Fix the World Anthology

fix the world - deposit photos

The world is broken. Fires, hurricanes, famine and disease haunt the land. We all need a little hope. For this anthology, we’re looking for stories that depict a (near) future Earth that’s somehow better than this one, Show us a world post-climate change, where we made peace with the planet. Or a world where we moved past racism and into a broader understanding of the connectedness of all the races of humanity. How about one where gender no longer matters? Or where borders are no more. We’re not looking for preachy. We want realistic depictions of the Earth that could be, even … Read more

CALL: The Once and Future Moon

This will be an anthology of stories set on / dealing with the abiding influence of the Moon. You can take a literal or non-literal approach. The “Once” aspect will deal with how older cultures / earlier civilisations / people in history saw the Moon, considered and reflected upon the Moon. Think Verne, Wells, Godwin. Think mythology. Think the Sumerians. Think the Ancient Greeks. Think beliefs held by vanished cultures. These stories do not have to be factually, scientifically accurate; the Moon element could be seen as poetic, figurative, imaginative, etc. These stories will likely form one- third of the … Read more

CALL: When Holidays Attack

The holidays are a time for warmth and joy, for food and laughter – except when they go horribly wrong. Baking disasters. Shopping trips from heck. Getting lost on the way to Grandma’s space station. Accidentally summoning demons with improperly laid Yule fires. All the usual holiday catastrophes. Whether the disasters are the meet-cute, the inciting incident, a series of escalating calamities, or the final cataclysmic dramatic climax, Mischief Corner is looking for low angst stories with solid characters dealing as best they can with their personal holiday nightmares and stumbling into love in the process. Deadline for submissions: End … Read more

CALL: Summer Lovin’

Warm beaches. Sunshine. Music. Parks. Cozy bookstore nooks. People out in droves looking for “their love”—but everybody knows “Summer Lovin’ is a Fool’s Game.”  Mischief Corner Books is looking for fun, quirky protagonists in need of a little lovin’. People who haven’t had the greatest luck in love and think it’s left them behind. A story with mischief, some laughs, and a little pick-me-up for downtrodden hearts. Deadline for submissions: End of day March 31st, 2019 Publication of the stories will occur August 2019.Story lengths that will be considered are: Novelette: 15K – 20KNovella: 20K – 39KNovel: 40K – 65K … Read more

Call for Submissions: 2019 Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Fiction Series

lesbian history

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast will be open for submissions in January 2019 for short stories in the lesbian historic fiction genre, to be produced in audio format for the podcast, as well as published in text on the website. Technical Details We will accept short fiction of any length up to 5000 words, which is a hard limit. We will be buying a total of four stories. (If we get some really great flash fiction, there’s the possibility of more.) We will be paying professional rates: $0.06/word. The contract will be for first publication rights in audio and print (i.e., the … Read more

CALL: Queering Romance

Cuil Press

The romance genre is famous (or infamous) for it’s tropes. We love romance, tropes and all, but we also love to cuil things up. So for our next anthology we are looking for Queering Romance Submissions Just like the term queer, our queering romance stories can take two forms: Either take a well known romance trope or plot line and re-tell it with queer characters, Or take a well known romance trope or plot line, and queer it by making it different or strange and not what readers would expect. Or, ya know, both at the same time for some … Read more

Call for Submissions: The Matador Review

Matador Review

Alternative art and literature magazine The Matador Review is now accepting submissions for the Fall 2018 publication. We publish poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction, inviting all unpublished literature written in the English language (and translations that are accompanied by the original text) as well as many forms of visual art. The call for submissions will end August 31, 2018. More information on submitting to The Matador Review can be found at our submissions page.      

CALL: WhimsyCon 2019 Anthology

steampunk - pixabay

Shiny Garden is seeking short fiction for its 2019 WhimsyCon Anthology. Steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, and other spec fiction is preferred. While this will not be a queer anthology, queer submissions are requested and welcomed. Submissions should be: Written in English Written for a PG-13 Audience (no explicit sex or violence) Between 5,000-15,000 words Typed and double spaced Include the author’s name, address, phone number and approximate word count at the top of the first page. Print ready. (please don’t send first drafts, send it through an editor for grammar ect.) Saved as a .doc or .docx file Also do … Read more