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New Release: Assassin by Accident – E.J. Russell

Assassin by Accident - E.J. Russell

QSFer E.J. Russell has a new MM fantasy romance out in the Carnival of Mysteries series: Assassin by Accident. If a megalomaniacal earth mage kidnaps your little sister, do you: A) Kill him B) Kill him C) Kill him D) Magically indenture yourself to him to ensure her safe return Welsh water horse Nevan Quirke would have happily opted for A, B, or C, but had no idea where his sister was hidden—so, option D it is. He’s not a fool, though. He made sure to limit his obligation to a single task. Unfortunately, he neglected to nail down a … Read more

Review: Crow’s Fate – Kim Fielding

Crow's Fate - Kim Fielding

Genre: Romance, Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It At Amazon | B&N About The Book You can’t fly away from destiny. Crow Rapp assumes he’ll spend his life growing corn in rural Illinois, like the grandparents who raised him. But during a visit to a traveling carnival, he encounters a handsome stranger named Simeon Bell—and receives a prophecy of a horrifying future. When that future materializes soon afterward, Crow flees… only to find that no matter how far he goes, fate pursues him. Simeon reenters his life a decade later and causes Crow to consider whether actively … Read more