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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: That Distant Dream – Laurel beckley

That Distant Dream - Laurel Beckley

Laurel Beckley has a new FF military sci-fi book out, The Satura Trilogy Book 1: “That Distant Dream.” And there’s a giveaway! After her escape pod is found drifting through debris nearly two decades after the end of the Redelki Wars, Melin is woken from cryosleep to find a galaxy where she no longer belongs. The galaxy has moved on from the horrors she experienced, the experiences that transformed her into a hero while she slept, but she hasn’t. Alone, broken in mind and body, Melin is slowly pulled to the planet of her ancestors. She just wants a fresh … Read more

For Readers: Overarching Plots

Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Hank T. Cannon: Do you like “overplots” in your sci-fi/fantasy? Do you like your novels/series purely self contained, or do you want each book to advance a larger plot? It’s a great question. For me, it depends. I like to know, going in, that it’s a series if the book I am reading is gonna end on a cliffhanger. Otherwise, it can be really abrupt when you reach the end of a realluy good read and realize the author hasn’t published the next one yet. *glares at Albert Nothlit* But as long as I … Read more