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New Release / Giveaway: Nova’s Got Nerve – B L Jones

New Release / Giveaway: Nova's Got Nerve - B L Jones

B L Jones has a new MM sci-fi romance out, Liquid Onyx book 1: Nova’s Got Nerve. And there’s a giveaway. He’s got far too much nerve. He can blow … Read more

NEW RELEASE / GIVEAWAY: Spark – Elizabeth Tybush

Spark - Elizabeth Tybush

Elizabeth Tybush has a new MM fantasy out, The Fire of Felwing book 2: Spark. And there’s a giveaway! Immediately following the stunning Halloween reveal in Flicker… Prince Solin Felwing’s … Read more


Toxic - Rick reed

QSFer Rick Reed has a new gay horror book out: Toxic. And there’s a giveaway! Connor Ryman thought he had it all—a successful career as a mystery novelist, a condo … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Howl Down the Moon – Layla Dorine

Howl Down The Moon - Layla Dorine

QSFer Layla Dorine has a new MM / Menage paranormal shifter romance out, Comet Lake Chronicles book 2: Howl Down the Moon. And there’s a giveaway! Luka knows he screwed … Read more

NEW RELEASE/GIVEAWAY: Luck Lines – Quinn Tollens

Luck Lines - Quinn Tollens

Quinn Tollens has a new ff contemporary fantasy out: Luck Lines. And there’s a giveaway! Every person is born with a line of luck on their arm that they can … Read more

NEW RELEASE/GIVEAWAY: Exodus 20:3 – Freydís Moon

Exodus 20:3 - Freydis Moon

Freydís Moon has a new MM paranormal book out: Exodus 20:3. And there’s a giveaway! Religious eroticism and queer emancipation meet in a claustrophobic monster-romance about divinity, sexuality, and freedom. … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Melting the Ice Witch – Mell Eight

The Ice Witch - Mell Eight

Mell Eight has a new MM paranormal romance out: Melting the Ice Witch. And there’s a giveaway! The Tribe of the White Dragon has lived in the frozen wastes of … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Returning Heroes – Harry F. Rey

Returning Heroes - Harry F. Rey

QSFer Harry F. Rey has a new MM MMM sci-fi book out, Galactic Captains book 6: Returning Heroes. And there’s a giveaway! Captain Ales has returned to the galaxy, forever … Read more

NEW RELEASE: All the Wrong reasons – Sebastian Hansen

All The Wrong Reasons - Sebastian Hansen

Sebastian Hansen has a new MM BDSM urban fantasy out: All the Wrong Reasons. And there’s a giveaway! The day after telekinetic supervillain (and billionaire philanthropist), Stetson Nadenheimer dies, he … Read more

NEW RELEASE/GIVEAWAY: Plague and Ash – Sita bethel

Plague And Ash - Sita Bethel

Sita Bethel has a new FF paranormal zombie book out: Plague And Ash. And there’s a giveaway! Sarah only went to Oreburn University of Incantations so her parents would stop … Read more