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Marvel Greenlights Solo Series for Lesbian Superhero


Marvel just announced at New York Comic-Con that America Chavez, a character who debuted in Young Avengers, will receive a solo comic book series in 2017. That series, called America, will be Marvel’s first solo run about a lesbian superhero. America, in the Young Avengers comics, was born on the planet Utopia (from another dimension) to her two mothers, who gave her the superpowers that she uses on Earth. Her powers include flight, bulletproof skin, super strength, and inter-dimensional travel. Because her first name is America, she chose Marvel’s moniker “Miss America” as a crime-fighting identity, and has worked with … Read more

The First Transgender Superhero?


A new comic book will be the first time a transgender superhero will lead a title. Chalice, the star of new superhero series ‘Alters’, is being described as a ‘hero for the new age’. Paul Jenkins, the comic book’s author, said the main character will have not come out to her family yet and can only present as a female when in costume. So unlike other superheroes who only have one secret identity – Chalice has two. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News

Archie Comics: Jughead Is Asexual


The Archie comics reboot has to be one of the biggest surprises in the comics industry of the last few years. Ever since the publisher dropped the comics code authority and began diversifying its approach to Archie and his friends, Archie has become one of the best comics around—and now it’s going a step further by revealing Jughead’s asexuality. The revelation won’t play a major part in this week’s Jughead #4, but just come up in a matter-of-fact conversation between Jughead and a fellow student, as revealed by Comic Book Resources. Full story at IO9