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New Release / Giveaway: These Haunted Hills – Jana Denardo

These Haunted Hills - Jana Denardo

QSFer Jana Denardo has a new MM paranormal romance out: These Haunted Hills. Young wildlife conservation professor, Joshua Zimmerman, adores foxes, steampunk, and paranormal investigation. As a geek of the first order, Josh is a collector of nerdy memorabilia and tattoos, and he’s an avid steampunk cosplayer. When his favorite author hires him for some ghost hunting for his new project, Josh can hardly believe his luck. As an author of the wildly successful urban fantasy series, The Green Tablet, Brendan Halloran should have it all. And he did until his young son, Connor, died of cancer. Heartbroken and drowning … Read more

Gaymer Cosplay is Artistry in Motion

London Gaymer Cosplay

Do you want to see some sexy gamers strip down and cosplay as their favorite gaming characters? Look no further as we go behind the scenes with LDN Gaymers as they got ready to march in Pride in London. Over 100 of the LDN Gaymers, a UK-based group of over 1,000 avid LGBTI gamers who meet regularly to get their game, geek and drinks on, attended Pride in London in full cosplay last Saturday to celebrate the #LoveHappensHere theme. Backstage at Trafalgar Square, professional artists from Mehron UK helped these gamers become their favorite characters from the Marvel universe and … Read more

Cosplay Meets RuPaul

Anime Cosplay

RuPaul may have made her name and fortune off of dressing up in elaborate costumes to perform as an outlandish character, but these cosplayers from the Anime Expo in Los Angeles are also runway worthy. Watch these Gaymer Base group show off their crazy good costumes in a show set to Ru’s song “Category Is…” By Bil Browning – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation


lesbian cosplay

Carina and Sørine are a couple from Denmark. Last year, the two finally tied the knot – and they looked absolutely stunning on the day. They are keen manga, comic and video game fans. For the 2017 Sakura Festival in Copenhagen, they dressed in yukata – a form of light kimono – they bought on their last trip to Japan. But those are not the only gorgeous photos the couple share online. In their free time, they are also avid cosplayers who travel to conventions all over the place. They are not just going to events in in Denmark, but … Read more