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Movies: Melissa McCarthy: Ursula is ‘100%’ a Tribute to Drag Queens:

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula in the Little Mermaid

Melissa McCarthy is starring as the slippery sea witch Ursula in the upcoming reboot of The Little Mermaid – and the actor has now revealed that her character has drag queen roots. One of pop culture’s best-loved and queer-coded villains, Disney’s evil sea witch Ursula will be played by Melissa McCarthy in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid – and if the latest glimpse of the film is anything to go by, it looks as though McCarthy’s new incarnation will be living up to the watery wonder of the animated classic. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Bridesmaids and … Read more

Movies: Melissa McCarthy Cackles As Ursula in Little Mermaid Live Action Trailer

Ursula in The Little Mermaid

The new teaser trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid 2023 features an extended look at Halle Bailey’s Ariel – but a glimpse of a tentacle and Ursula’s (Melissa McCarthy) cackle has stolen the show. Along with the titular mermaid flitting between shipwrecks and coral reefs, the trailer features Bailey’s rendition of “Part of Your World,” a look at a pufferfish – though it’s unclear if this is meant to be Flounder – and a glimpse of Ariel’s iconic smooch with Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King). The most talked about moment, though, arrives after the trailer’s title card fades … Read more

TV: Willow’s Erin Kellyman Talks About Playing a Queer Character on the Show

Willow star Erin Kellyman - Jade

Willow star Erin Kellyman has opened up about the importance of playing a queer character in the Disney+ fantasy show. The series, which is a continuation of the cult classic ’80s film of the same name, has been widely praised for centring an LGBTQ+ relationship. Kellyman plays knight-in-training Jade, who fans have seen grow ever closer to her best friend, the rebellious Princess Kit (played by Ruby Cruz). In the most recent episode, ‘Wildwood’, the pair finally bit the bullet and revealed their feelings for one another. In the words of another character in the series — the pair have … Read more

Movies: Why Did Disney’s First Film With an LGBTQ+ Lead Flop?

Strange World

Disney’s first film with an openly gay protagonist has bombed at US box office leaving fans accusing the filmmaker of under-marketing. Strange World follows Ethan Clade (Jaboukie Young-White) and Search Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal), as a family of explorers set out on a mission to save the planet from an ecological crisis. It came to cinemas on 2 November, and after suffering disappointing previews, grossing at $800,000, it only gained $4.2 million on Wednesday – a poor result for the $180 million film. Despite the abysmal box office figures, it has received standard mixed critical reviews and positive fan reaction across … Read more

Movies: New Animated Disney Film “Strange World” Has Gay Lead Character

Strange World

Disney’s new film Strange World includes the studio’s first gay lead character – but doesn’t make a big deal of it. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Searcher Clade, Gabrielle Union as his wife, Meridian, and Jaboukie Young-White as their son, Ethan, Strange World features a romantic relationship between two teenage boys as they’re caught up on an adventure around a mysterious planet called Avalonia. Ethan, a happy-go-lucky kid with a thirst for life, ends up developing feelings for Diazo, a fellow youth he meets while the Clade clan gets busy saving the world. Full Story from Pink News

FILM: Disney Flick “Strange World” to Feature Teen Gay Romance

Strange World

Upcoming animated Disney film Strange World is to feature the studio’s “first openly gay teen romance in a feature”, according to a production designer. The film, which stars Dennis Quaid, Lucy Liu, Gabrielle Union and Jaboukie Young-White, is scheduled for release in November. And, as Variety reports, contains a romantic plot between two teen boys. Matthieu Saghezchi, an animation production designer, confirmed the romance on Twitter, stating: “Just saw the very first glimpse into Disney’s Strange World… it features the first openly gay teen romance in a Disney feature!!! Full Story from Pink News

Film: Disney refuses to Cut Same-Sex Kiss After “Lightyear” Banned in 14 Countries


Disney-Pixar’s upcoming film Lightyear has been banned in 14 different countries following the re-inclusion of a same-sex kiss. The spin-off of the critically acclaimed Toy Story movie franchise will not make it to cinemas in several countries including Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Lebanon. The UAE’s Media Regulatory Office announced on Twitter that Lightyear – which is to be released on 16 June – is to be denied license for public screening due to a “violation of the country’s media content standards”. This comes as no surprise to film producer Galyn Susman who, in an interview with … Read more

TV: Back to the Future(ama) – Show to Return in 2023


Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s animated sci-fi comedy is set to make a return on Disney+ and Hulu in 2023, after a ten-year hiatus. Billy West (Philip Fry), Katey Sagal (Turanga Leela), Tress MacNeille (Carol), Maurice LaMarche (Kif Kroke), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong) and Phil LaMarr (Hermes Conrad) are among returning cast members. However, John DiMaggio – who voiced Bender in the show’s original run – has not yet been added to the cast. Looking forward to the new episodes, David said: “I’m thrilled to have another chance to think about the future … or really anything other than … Read more

Disney Promises Huge Increase in Characters From Underrepresented Groups

Disneyland - Deposit Photos

Disney wants 50 per cent of its TV characters to be from underrepresented groups such as the LGBT+ community and people of colour, according to a leaked meeting. The revelations come from clips of a Walt Disney Company meeting titled “reimagine tomorrow”, leaked to social media by Conservative activist Christopher Rufo, who has been credited with creating the Conservative panic over critical race theory. Although the clips Rufo posted were obviously intended to spark outrage among anti-LGBT+ Twitter users, they actually point to some positive steps being taken by Disney. Full Story from Pink News

Disney Empire Up in Arms Over Company’s response to “Don’t Say Gay” Bill in Florida

Disneyland - Deposit Photos

Three different stories this week about resistance within Disney (and the CEO finally acknowledged the company’s botched response two days ago): A group of LGBT+ Pixar staff have claimed Disney execs cut “nearly every moment of overtly gay affection” from their films. Full Story A Marvel comics writer who was behind the first gay Captain America has joined the fightback against Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. Full Story Marvel Studios has “strongly denounced” anti-LGBT+ legislation as its parent company Disney scrambles to respond to Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. Full Story