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KICKSTARTER: Alia Terra: Stories from the Dragon Realm

Alia Terra: Stories from the Dragon Realm

One of our authors, Ava Kelly, is involved in a really cool nb/aro fantasy book project: Alia Terra: Stories from the Dragon Realm – a book of three all-ages queer fairy tales highlighting nonbinary characters, aromanticism, and personal acceptance from Atthis Arts. Written by Ava Kelly, illustrated by Matthew Spencer and edited by E.D.E. Bell, these stories in English and Romanian hold an important message: Our happiness is our own. Check out the updates while you visit the project page. Romanian culture, the art process, writing and a take on celebrating Pride. Spreading the word around and backing the book now will help us wrangle those … Read more

DO IT YOURSELF WEEK: Day One – Starting Your Own Press/Crowdfunding

Welcome to the second annual DIY week at QSF. We’ve got a great line-up of topics for the week, some of which are moderated – but in general, we’ll just share information about how to start and manage a small press: Tuesday: Jordan L. Hawk – Starting Your Own Press/Crowdfunding Wednesday: Nicola Markus – Editing and Production; ISBNs; eBooks or Paper? Thursday: Alicia Nordwell – Getting Your Books Out There; Amazon; Other Venues Friday: Loren Rhoads – Promoting Your Work Saturday: Hannah Walker – Mistakes to Avoid, Mistakes to Make, Keeping Up Your Morale; Sunday: Dawn Chapman – Taxes and … Read more

Non Traditional Financing for Authors


Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Dale Lowry: [related to an earlier post about a gay fairy tale children’s book on Kickstarter] So my question is, are Kickstarters a more profitable way to market books than going through traditional publishing or straightforward self-publishing? And is it necessary for the author to already have a lot of social media or other connections I’m quite surprised at the amount of money some authors been able to raise when there’s not even a sample passage on the Kickstarter page (at least that I can see), especially given that gay fairytales aren’t exactly a … Read more