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What the World Gets Wrong About Aromantic People

Yasmin Benoit - Twitter

We talk a lot about sexual orientation, but we don’t talk nearly enough about romantic orientation – that’s something Yasmin Benoit is trying to change. Yasmin is an asexual and aromantic activist who is working tirelessly to make sure the world knows that not everybody experiences romantic attraction in the same way. Part of the challenge for activists like Yasmin is that huge swathes of the population still don’t understand what aromanticism is. Many don’t even realise there’s a difference between sexual and romantic attraction. Simply put, aromanticism describes people who feel little or no romantic attraction. Like all things … Read more

REVIEW: Taking Flight – A.L. Lester

REVIEW: Taking Flight - A.L. Lester

Genre: Celtic Myth, Retelling, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Trans, Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Gwyn’s an idiot. Mal made it clear from the start he’d like to get Gwyn in his bed at the Kings of Ireland Hotel and after a couple of weeks of pursuit, Gwyn gave in. Mal was hot and pushy and just the kind of dangerous to pique Gwyn’s interest. He honestly thought Mal knew he was trans. Since that horrible night, Mal has had Gwyn ‘work-shadowing’ Chef in the deeply unhappy kitchen. He doesn’t want to go home and make a … Read more

New Stonehenge Discovery Echoes Merlin’s Tale

Stonehenge - Pixabay

The earliest megalithic circle at Stonehenge was first built in the west of Wales more than 5,000 years ago, before its stones were dug up and dragged over 140 miles (225 kilometers) to its present site in the west of England, new research suggests. The findings also support a wild legend that the mythical wizard Merlin ordered giants to move Stonehenge from Ireland and rebuild it in its current location. The researchers discovered the remains of the original stone circle in the Preseli Hills in Wales, near the ancient quarries where geologists have determined that Stonehenge’s famous bluestones were cut. … Read more

ASTRONOMY: Ancient Origin of “The Seven Sisters?”

Seven Sisters - Deposit Photos

People both modern and ancient have long known of the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, a small collection of stars in the constellation Taurus. But this famous assembly could point the way to the world’s oldest story, one told by our ancestors in Africa nearly 100,000 years ago, a speculative new study has proposed. To make this case, the paper’s authors draw on similarities between Greek and Indigenous Australian myths about the constellation. But one expert told Live Science that similarities in these myths could be pure chance, not a sign they emerged from a common origin. The Pleiades are part … Read more

REVIEW: Slashed and Mashed – Andrew J. Peters

Slashed and Mashed - Andrew J. Peters

Genre: Fairy Tales LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Madison Davis, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book What really happened when Theseus met the Minotaur? How did demon-slaying Momotarō come to be raised by two daddies? Will Scheherazade’s hapless Ma’aruf ever find love and prosperity after his freeloading boyfriend kicks him out on the street? Classic lore gets a bold remodeling with stories from light-hearted and absurd, earnestly romantic, daring and adventurous, to darkly surreal. The collection includes: Theseus and the Minotaur, Károly, Who Kept a Secret, The Peach Boy, The Vain Prince, The Jaguar of the Backward … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Myths, Moons and Mayhem, Edited by Dale Cameron Lowry

Myths, Moons & Mayhem

QSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has put together a new MMM paranormal anthology book out: Myths, moons, and mayhem make the perfect threesome—and so do the men in this anthology. Enjoy nine erotic stories of paranormal ménages a trois fueled by lust and magic, where mystical forces collide with the everyday world and even monsters have their own demons to conquer. A werewolf gets a lust-fueled lesson on fitting in with the pack, a professor unlocks ancient secrets and two men’s hearts, and a pair of supernaturals find themselves at the erotic mercy of a remarkable human. Ghosts, fairies, aliens, and … Read more