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DC Comics Reveals Pride Collection 2023 Covers

The DC Book of Pride

DC Comics has unveiled its special edition covers to mark Pride Month 2023. This year will see the release of a 104-page DC Pride special with four different covers created by LGBTQ+ designers. The annual anthology will feature all-new stories spotlighting LGBTQ+ fan favorites, and is being released on May 30. The special edition will feature stories based on new trans and non-binary superhero, Circuit Breaker, as well as Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Crush and Tim Drake and Connor Hawke. Full Story from Pink News

Jon Kent’s Superman Gets a Rainbow Cape for Pride

Superman Rainbow Cape

Superman of Earth Jon Kent gets an LGBT+ inspired cape upgrade thanks to his boyfriend in a new DC Pride comic. Kent and his boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, appear in the highly-anticipated DC Pride 2022, which will hit stores later this month. Kent – who is the son of original Superman Clark Kent and Lois Lane – opens the present and pulls out a new Superman cape with the colours of various Pride flags – including the pansexual, bisexual, trans, ace and non-binary flags – stitched on the inside. The young hero appears thrilled with the gift as he shares a … Read more

COMICS: Green Arrow’s Son Connor Hawke Comes Out as Ace

Connor Hawke ACE

Green Arrow’s son Connor Hawke will come out publicly as asexual in a new comic that is part of the highly-anticipated DC Pride 2022 series. DC Comics will publish a new edition of its popular anthology series DC Pride on 31 May, just in time for Pride Month. The series will feature some of DC’s most notable queer characters and will debut the comic book giant’s newest LGBT+ hero – Connor Hawke. Hawke is the son of Oliver Queen – the original Green Arrow – and eventually takes over the mantle from his father, becoming the second Green Arrow. The … Read more