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New Release: To Love the Dragon King – Antonia Aquilante

To Love the Dragon King - Antonia Aquilante

QSFer Antonia Aquilante has a new MM fantasy romance out (Bi, Gray Ace): To Love the Dragon King. Once upon a time, before the hunts, dragons were plentiful in the world. Now they exist only in legend…except in the land of Ivria. Without the Dragon Talent, Sascha has long been told his only value is his ability to make the best match possible, whether as concubine or husband. He has always done what his family  expects of him, cultivating grace and beauty, and when his parents make a match for him, Sascha goes without protest. He never anticipates being contractually … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Wings of Fire – Jocelynn Drake

Wings Of Fire - Jocelyn Drake

QSFer Jocelynn Drake has a new MM fantasy romance out, Godstone Saga book 4 (gay, bi): Wings of Fire. Secrets can kill. The Goddess of Fire calls from the Isle of Stone, and Caelan must obey. But the new king must first unravel a lifetime of secrets if he wants to have any chance of saving Drayce’s life. Caelan and his companions battle dragon clans and cranky gods in their quest to protect their world from the Goddess of the Hunt. And if they’re lucky, they might even get a little help from an unexpected source. Wings of Fire is the … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Melody in the Deep – Cara N. Delaney

A Melody in the Deep - Cara N. Delaney

QSFer Cara N. Delaney has a new queer fantasy romance out (bi, gay, gender fluid, lesbian): A Melody in the Deep. Keola is a mermaid – and bound for marriage to a foreign human prince. Unable to face a life cut off from the ocean with a man she despises, she chooses freedom at a terrible cost. Posing as a human wavesinger to remain hidden from her pursuers, she finds work on the ship of the dashing captain Anaar Kahlani. Anaar is searching for a mythical treasure and believes that Keola is the key to finding it. Amidst the hunt … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Foxfire in the Snow – J.S. Fields

Foxfire in the Snow

J.S. Fields has a new lesfic fantasy (lesbian/non-binary) out: Foxfire in the Snow. And there’s a giveaway! Born the heir of a master woodcutter in a queendom defined by guilds and matrilineal inheritance, nonbinary Sorin can’t quite seem to find their place. At seventeen, an opportunity to attend an alchemical guild fair and secure an apprenticeship with the queen’s alchemist is just within reach. But on the day of the fair, Sorin’s mother goes missing, along with the Queen and hundreds of guild masters, forcing Sorin into a woodcutting inheritance they never wanted. With guild legacy at stake, Sorin puts … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Age of Mycea – Leigh Jarrett

Age of Mycea - Leigh Jarrett

Leigh Jarrett has a new MM fantasy romance out: Age of Mycea. And there’s a giveaway. The Marjar attack on Mycea sets in motion a series of changes in the ruling structure of the empire that will forever impact the lives of three powerful men. King Meshia, supreme ruler of the empire, Sebastian of Cardin, Commander of the Third Empirical battalion, and Sebastian’s Cardinian lover, a gifted healer beyond any that have come before him. King Meshia has a secret, one that might lose him his crown. One that would certainly diminish his capacity to rule and lead the empire’s … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Dragon Hunter’s Son, by Hanna Dare

The Dragon Hunter's Son - Hanna Dare

QSFer Hanna Dare has a new MM fantasy romance out: “The Dragon Hunter’s Son.” A land of castles, swords and dragons… except the dragons are just stories now. The dragon hunters have done their job too well. Philip travels from town to town as his dragon hunter father chases old glories and the next drink. Philip is there to carry the bags, tend to the horses, and fade into the background. The promise of riches brings them to a village in a remote valley, but Philip longs to find something – or someone – to call his own. When a … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Soulbound, by Archer Kay Leah


QSFer Archer Kay Leah has a new MM/MMF fantasy romance book out: In a relationship that violates rules and expectations, Mayr and Tash have found their perfect match in each other. Despite their fears and difficult pasts, they hope for a shared future with security and a family. When Mayr’s secret first love, Arieve, proposes they create that family with her, it seems dreams could become reality. But life is complicated, and so is the delicate balance between duty and love. While Mayr protects the Dahe family at all costs, Tash is determined to succeed as a priest. Both positions … Read more

FOR BOTH: Is Fantasy Romance Still Viable?

fantasy romance - pixabay

FOR WRITERS & READERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Amy Wasp Wimberger: Fantasy Romance (especially epic fantasy) is one of the lowest selling categories in the romance world. Why do you think that is? Is it a viable genre? Is it due for a comeback? Writers, do you write it? What’s your experience? Readers, do you read it? If not, why? Join the chat