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SCIENCE: Great Barrier Reef Sea Turtles Almost All Female

sea turtle - pixabay

A population of green sea turtles is turning almost entirely female due to changes in the environment, scientists have found. Temperature change in the Great Barrier Reef is causing the turtles to turn from male to female. The transformation has led scientists to be concerned about the species’ future – with just 0.2 per cent of the turtles being male in some areas. Environment temperatures play a key role in determining the sex of green sea turtles. The proportion of female hatchlings increases when nests are in warmer sands, while cooler temperatures is known to produce more male turtles. For more than … Read more

Queer Female Characters We Lost in 2016

Clarke Lexa

Lesbians and bisexual women live dangerous lives – especially if they’re on TV. Producers and writers are famously keen to kill off lesbian characters, meaning their romances rarely meet a happy end. So much so it’s turned into an actual, recurring TV trope. This year has been no exception and, in true 2016 style, has brought us some of the most dramatic, but also often useless, deaths of our favorite lesbian characters. Sadly, there are too many to count, but here are 28 (fictional) women we lost this year: 1 Poussey Washington – Orange is the New Black Cause of … Read more