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Podcast: Starship Q Star

Starship Q Star

QSFer Meegan May has a queer sci fi fiction podcast out: Starship Q Star. “When a tone deaf space agency sends the ‘first all women and non-binary crew’ on a PR mission to Mars, they inadvertently end up the last six humans in the universe. Lead by Co-Captains (and ex-girlfriends) Aurelia and Sim, STARSHIP Q STAR follows this extremely queer crew and the last man left alive, as they quest across the galaxy in search of a new home.” Listen to the Podcast Author Bio Lauren & Meegan Co-writers, co-creators, co-wives. Collaborating since 2017, in love since 2018 – together … Read more

New Release: Unbroken Star – Alex Washoe

Unbroken Star - Alex Washoe

QSFer Alex Washoe has a new FF time travel romance out (lesbian, trans MTF), In the Queerness of Time book 2: Unbroken Star. Two women from different times, whose hearts beat with a single passion. In the 21st century, burned-out ex-cop Britt Halliday sets out on a tour of the west, hoping to reconnect with the stories of her childhood heroes. Outside of a ghost town in northern Wyoming she rushes to the rescue of a woman pursued by armed men, and finds herself whisked back into the real world behind her youthful fantasies. In 1887, Dr. Agnes Sheedy struggles … Read more

New release: The Master of Puppets – Molly J. Bragg

The Master of Puppets - Molly J. Bragg

QSFer Molly J. Bragg has a new queer sci-fi/alien invasion book out (gender fluid, lesbian, pansexual): The Master of Puppets. Jakari, an alien assassin, receives orders taking her to a primitive alien world. She expects the mission to be like any other. Get in, eliminate the target and get out again. Instead, when she arrives, she finds out that one of the leaders of the fascist Char Oram is there, seeking to turn the inhabitants into mindless soldiers that could tip the war in favor of the Char. Hayami Takahashi follows a strange woman down a dark street and all … Read more

New Release: Femmes Fatale – Erik Scott DeBie & Amanda Cherry

Femmes Fatale - Erik Scott DeBie & Amanda Cherry

QSFers Erik Scott DeBie & Amanda Cherry have a new FF superhero book out, a Cobalt City Universe story: Femmes Fatale. Vivienne Cain has come to Cobalt City for one reason and one reason only: to confront the villainous sorceress who broke her friend’s heart. Getting hired by said villain to purge her shiny skyscraper of an invading demon was not on her agenda, especially not given her messy past with possession. Nor did she anticipate exactly how hard it would be to resist a redhead bombshell in a green silk dress… Of course Ruby Killingsworth is ready for her … Read more

WHAT IF: Men Were No Longer Necessary for Fertilization?

artificial insemination - deposit photos

Every Wednesday, we’re asking a what-if question – how would our world be different if something were changed? Today’s question is from QSFer Scott: What if science advanced to the point where human sperm was no longer needed for fertilization? How would it change our world/society? Share your serious scientific analyses, your off-color jokes, and random thoughts on the topic on our FB and MeWe Groups: FB: MeWe:

OG Wonder Woman Shuts Down Transphobes

Lynda Carter on Supergirl Set

Wonder Woman’s Lynda Carter is truly the hero that the LGBT+ community deserves after she came out swinging for the trans community on social media. Carter played Diana Prince – aka Wonder Woman – in the original 1970s TV show about the iconic DC superhero. She recently shut down transphobes on Twitter by declaring anyone could be “Wonder Women”, including trans women. “Trans women are Wonder Women,” Carter said. “End of story.” Full Story from Pink News

VIDEO GAMES: Forthcoming Lesbian Fantasy Game By a QSF Member – And There’s mermaids!

FEVER Game - Chloe Spencer

Chloe Spencer, one of Qweerty’s microgrant recipients and a QSF member, recently unveiled her page for her upcoming game, FEVER— and also, started posting about the different love interests! Victoria Blanchett was the first romantic interest unveiled today. Victoria is a character currently betrothed to another man, but because she’s so overprotective of her twin sister Melanie, decides to accompany the player on her journey. On the surface, she seems prim and proper, but the developer teases that there ​may ​be another side to her. FEVER is a fantasy survival horror RPG/dating simulator focused on a group of pirates who are … Read more

HISTORY: Did Amazons Really Exist?

female archer - amazon - deposit photos

Were the Amazons of ancient Greek mythology — fierce female warriors said to have roamed a vast area around the Black Sea known as Scythia — real? Or were they as fictitious as other Greek myths, such as Aphrodite emerging from genitals thrown into the sea or Jason stealing a golden fleece? Modern historians assumed that the Amazons, first documented by the poet Homer in the eighth century B.C., were fantasy. But then, in the 1990s, archaeologists began identifying ancient female skeletons buried in warrior graves in the same region. Some skeletons were found with combat injuries, such as arrowheads … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Apex Mage – Marie brown

Apex Mage - Marie Brown

QSFer Marie Brown has a new queer fantasy romance out (bi poly): “The Apex Mage.” Talisha Eldridge, mercenary mage of the Concordance School. For over twenty years she earned her living through fighting in the Central Lands, watching humanity’s best attempts to destroy itself after the extinction of its Elmothran overlords. Tired now, Talisha longed to put away her armor and spell shards and find the comfort of a home. A peaceful place, where war need not touch her. A place big enough to bring her dearest dream to life and found a mage school.  When the approaching winter ended … Read more

Fierce Female Warrior’s Remains Found in Peru

Peru Warrior

Silently moving in the wilderness of the Andes mountains, ancient hunter-gatherers stalked a herd of vicuña. The hunters threw stone projectile points with ease, hitting some of the beasts and leading the rest to scatter. The vicuñas, wild ancestors of alpacas, fell and the skilled hunters — both females and males — went to examine their wins. This somewhat hypothetical account is in stark contrast to the accepted history of such hunter-gatherers: ancient men hunted big game, while women gathered herbs and plants. But a recently discovered 9,000-year-old burial of a female hunter, and analyses of other hunter burials, suggests … Read more