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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Adventure of the Golden Woman – Cynthia Ward

The Adventure Of The Golden Woman - Cynthia Ward

QSFer Cynthia Ward has a new queer alt historical sci-fi paranormal book out: The Adventure of the Golden Woman. The Adventure of the Golden Woman is the concluding novella of the author’s Blood-Thirsty Agent series. Lesbian vampire spies at the cabaret! It’s 1931, and conquest of the earth isn’t enough for the British Empire. But the demi-mondaine of occupied Berlin harbors a resistance movement, and the double agents Lucy Harker—Dracula’s daughter—and her lover, the vampire Carmilla, steal England’s spaceship plans. Then the handoff to American agent Adolph Hitler is foiled by an impossibly advanced mechanical woman, and the lovers are … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Adventure of the Naked Guide , by Cynthia Ward

The Adventure of the Naked Guide

QSFer Cynthia Ward has a new queer sci fi/fantasy book out, book three in the Blood Thirsty Agent series: “The Adventure of the Naked Guide.” The earth is hollow—a trackless primordial wilderness. It’s also the new front in the Great War. Here, the British spy Lucy Harker—Dracula’s daughter—must locate Britain’s missing vampire slayer—her own mother. Then she’s separated from her lover, the vampire spy Carmilla, and captured by Germany’s most brilliant scientist, the sinister Dr Krüger. Now, Agent Harker may discover her most dangerous opponents are on her own side. Get It At Amazon | Aqueduct Press Excerpt “You’ve picked … Read more

70’s Gay Pulp Covers

70s Gay Pulp Covers

Ah, the gay ’70s. Post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS — it was a time of sexual liberation not to mention some seriously thick mustaches. What better way to let off a little of that hyper-sexual steam in a world without the internet that with a little paperback pulp? The titles alone of the below smattering of pulp pleasures are enough to get us smirking — Saddle Buddy, Holler Uncle,The Big Pipe, The Meat Eaters, Jump Squad… But it’s the covers we really love, showcasing the decade’s hottest trends, from turtle necks to fur-lined coats. Original Article at Towleroad