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Announcement: Nightfall, by Shiriluna Nott and Saja H.

Nightfall, by Shiraluna Nott and Saja H.

QSF author Shirluna Nott and Sajah H. have a new fantasy book out: Gibben Nemesio thought his life was over the day he received a conscription notice demanding he train to be a soldier. When he left his home for Silver City, he never expected he’d thwart a terrible plot to murder the King and become an overnight hero—and he definitely hadn’t expected to find love in the form of a handsome mage trainee named Joel. Three years later, Gib has fought his way from lowborn farmer to hold the coveted position as understudy to the seneschal. Despite heightening tensions … Read more

Announcement: The Secret History of Another Rome, by Bear

The Secret History of Another Rome

QSFer Ruff Bear has a new Sci Fi book out: In the mid-2600s, Ranulf becomes Supreme Pontiff of the Empire of Rome at Alexandria, a patriarchy run by priest-bureaucrats called Librarians. After twenty-two years on the throne, Ranulf’s memories flood back to him, from the time he moved to Alexandria with his mother to his present situation resulting from his choices, his training and his relationships. Ranulf’s life has been a quest for truth, not the half-truths of the Librarians and their Secret History, but an understanding of how action rather than static dogma is the path to the future. … Read more

Interview: S.A. Collins – HO’M,O


Today we have a great new exclusive interview with QSFer S.A. Collins on his book HO’M,O – released a couple months ago. The sequel, A Quarrel of Sparrows, comes out on 4/15. Watch this space. QSF: Tell me about HO’M,O – what’s it about, and what’s with the name? SA: HO’M,O came about for a friend of mine, actually the first person to ever read my stuff (beyond my husband) and liked what I wrote. I proclaimed him my first fan. He was cool with that. He lives in a fairly remote part of Michigan with very little going for … Read more

Announcement: Finding Track, by AJ Llewellyn

Finding Track

Amber Quill author and QSFer AJ Llewellyn has a new fantasy book out: Track, the lover of Paden, had assumed human form after the pair first met. Now, Track tells Paden they can be together, but their love exacts a price, one that Paden soon learns can be dangerous and potentially deadly. On the day of a tsunami warning in Honolulu, Paden wakens to find Track is with him after several weeks of absence. They are both needed, Track tells him, and soon they traverse a rainbow to unravel the mystery of a young man who has committed a kapu. … Read more

Announcement: The Last Grand Master, by Andrew Q. Gordon

QSFer Andrew Q. Gordon has a new Fantasy book out: In a war that shook the earth, the six gods of Nendor defeated their brother Neldin, god of evil. For three thousand years, Nendor and the Seven Kingdoms have known peace and prosperity and Neldin’s evil was nearly forgotten. But then Meglar, wizard king of Zargon, unleashes the dark magic of the underworld and creates an army of creatures to carry out his master’s will. One by one, the sovereign realms fall as a new war between the gods threatens to engulf Nendor. Leading the opposition to Meglar is Grand … Read more

Announcement: Winter’s Gift, by Sean Michael

Sean Michael has a new fantasy book out from Torquere: Badly disfigured, Geoff lives alone in the woods with only his wolf as companion. It’s a solitary life, but one he is comfortable with. When he discovers a fairy with an injured wing at the beginning of winter, his whole ordered world is turned upside down. But will Mauve be horrified by his rescuer’s visage? Or can the fairy look beyond the scars and see into Geoff’s heart? Excerpt It was warm and dark and he couldn’t move. Something soft but heavy and confining was hold him down and Mauve … Read more

Announcement: Snow on Spirit Bridge, by Freddy MacKay

Today’s announcement comes from QSFer Freddy MacKay: Snow on Spirit Bridge is an urban fantasy set in modern day Tokyo. Finni is an exchange student having trouble adjusting to the new culture and how people react to him. Mamoru took him in when Finni’s host family had to move. Both of them hold secrets close to the chest, and both of them are alone in the world: One of their own choosing, the other of their one making. Together they learn about acceptance, love, and family. Alone in Japan, Finni is struggling against the constant distrust, avoidance, and xenophobia he … Read more

Announcement and Giveaway: Iron Axe, by Steven Harper

QSFer Steven Harper has a new fantasy book out – we’re giving away two copies, so comment on this post with your name and email, and we’ll pick the winners on 1/12: Although Danr’s mother was human, his father was one of the hated Stane, a troll from the mountains. Now Danr has nothing to look forward to but a life of disapproval and mistrust, answering to “Trollboy” and condemned to hard labor on a farm. Until, without warning, strange creatures come down from the mountains to attack the village. Spirits walk the land, terrifying the living. Trolls creep out … Read more

Announcement: London Steam, by Lynn Townsend

QSFer Lynn Townsend has a new Steampunk book out (note – contains two m/m stories and two m/m/f stories): In a reimagined 1890’s London, where steam-driven airships rule the skies and monsters roam the streets, the Galileo Observatory’s Club for Gentlemen welcomes all — gwr, shape-changers, vampires, and lords. A high-stakes game leads more than a few men astray. Poindexter Fitzhughes, renowned hero and scientist, learns just how much trouble a full-blooded gwr can be when he attempts to cure his lover, Lord Seth Maitland, of the disease. But when their backs are against the wall, the two must learn … Read more

Announcement: HO’M,O, by SA Collins

Today’s announcement is from QSFer SA Collins – a new shifter book: A 2014 NaNoWriMo Writer Challenge Story: Henry O’Malley, Omega — Hank to those who know him, is about to have his world turned upside down. You see, Hank is just a nice boy on the verge of becoming a man trapped in the quietude of Sparrows Hollow, West Virginia. The year is 1956 and Hank is in his senior year at the Cavanagh Gap Regional High School. Not that he has much to look forward to that he isn’t already doing. His life thus far is limited to … Read more