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ANNOUNCEMENT/GUEST POST: Where Home Lies, by Elizabeth A. Schechter

Where Home Lies

QSFer Elizabeth A. Schechter has a new queer fantasy book out, and shares a great guest post with us: Not Where I Thought We’d Be I was going to write a blog post about the eroticism of food. Was being the operative word. I’ve been fighting with it for about a day and a half. The topic that seemed to be so interesting to me when I first thought about it just won’t come out of my head and onto the page. And I finally realized why. There’s something more important that I need to get out of my brain. … Read more

Announcement: Hold, by Rachel Davidson Leigh

QSFer Rachel Davidson Leigh has a new YA sci fi book out: Luke Aday knew that his sister’s death was imminent—she had been under hospice care for months—but that didn’t make her death any easier on him or their family. He returns to school three days after the funeral to a changed world; his best friends welcome him back with open arms, but it isn’t the same. When a charismatic new student, Eddie Sankawulo, tries to welcome Luke to his own school, something life-changing happens: In a moment of frustration, Luke runs into an empty classroom, hurls his backpack against the … Read more

Promotions Week: Guest Post vs. Announcement vs. Cover Reveal

It’s time for another theme week at Queer Sci Fi. This time around, we’re talking promo. :) Here are our topics for the week: Promotions Week: What to include – Guest Post vs. Announcement vs. Cover Reveal Promotions Week: Keywords and categories Promotions Week: Online Promo – Social Media, Reviews and Guest Posts Promotions Week: Physical Promo Options Promotions Week: Contests and Giveaways Day Two: Guest Post vs. Announcement vs. Cover Reveal OK, so you’ve got your blog tour organizational thingy set up – your excel spreadsheet, your big notepad, or your fancy set of cocktail napkins. You’ve decided which … Read more

Guest Post: Grace R. Duncan, Author of Devotion


QSFer Grace R. Duncan stops by the QSF blog today to hang out and discuss her new paranormal book, Devotion. Thank you so much to Scott and the rest of Queer Sci-Fi for letting me stop by today! I’ve given this part of the interview a bit more of a paranormal bent. Hope you enjoy! Are either of you particularly religious? Finley nods. I think we both have a solid faith. Can you tell me a little about it? Tanner: We follow—for the most part—the Roman pantheon. Our patron goddess—and the one who created us—is Diana, goddess of the hunt. … Read more

Jonah Bergan on Star Trek Renegades (or How I Made a Fool of Myself in No Time At All)

Jonah Bergan on Star Trek Renegades or How I Made a Fool of Myself in No Time At All by Jonah Bergan Respect is important, and if anyone understands that, it’s the fans of Star Trek. Those who know me know I am respectful of others. They know I am an even tempered man. I am not prone to anger or rather; I am not prone to angry outbursts. I’ve worked with the public for far too long to let one random opinion or another rankle me, and I’m a writer, so I have plenty of constructive outlets for many … Read more

Why Does it Matter if a Character is Gay?

Jonah Bergan bw

It’s a fair question, I suppose. It’s a fair question for those who feel that their own sexuality is somehow unimportant or is some manner disconnected from their identity. It’s a fair question for those who feel that anyone’s sexuality is an aberration or distraction from their true being. I for one don’t feel that is the case, but in this age where the mere mention of a difference between us is held up as an example of someone’s political agenda, I understand how it could seem to be a part of that and how, in order to protest the … Read more

Angel’s Bits: Podcasting with Special Guest Janet Gershen-Siegel

For today’s edition of Angel’s Bits, we have a special guest, Janet Gershen-Siegel, to talk to us about: Podcasting It’s a means of getting to a wider audience. It’s a different medium from what you might be used to. And it offers practice and the opportunity to polish some skills that you, the writer, might not have realized you needed, such as thinking on your feet and being an interview subject. Getting Started What do you need for podcasting? This image is a pretty good summary of what you need – The good news is that you have most of … Read more