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New Release: Messenger – A.L. Morrow

Messenger - A.L. Morrow

A.L. Morrow has a new MM fantasy book out, Star-Crossed Celestials book 2: Messenger. Hell on Earth? Not if these angels can help it. Nothing has been the same for Messenger angel Cyrus since Jace was exiled from the celestial community. Night after night, he searches Sin City for the demon who might have the answers he needs to find his lost love. But his quest hasn’t gone unnoticed. Dark forces reach Cyrus first, and a brutal encounter with his enemy leaves him at the mercy of the ruthless warrior who once broke his heart. Believing Cyrus has been killed, … Read more

Review: Bobby Ray Breaks the Universe – Rob Rosen

Bobby Ray Breaks the Universe - Rob Rosen

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book What happens when a hunky demon visits you and commands you to break all ten commandments? Or when a handsome angel orders you to do the opposite? And what if you’re Bobby Ray, and you’ve already broken nine of the ten, and thou shalt not kill is a close brick away, and the demon has tacked on a cushy afterlife in hell as a reward? Decisions, decisions. And poor Bobby Ray has never been good at one decision, let alone multiple ones. Broke, divorced, and pretty … Read more

New Release: Emissary – A.L. Morrow

New Release: Emissary - A.L. Morrow

QSFer A.L. Morrow has a new MM paranormal romance out (angel/demon): Emissary. The line between angel and demon is razor thin. No one knows this better than Kai. As an Emissary of death, darkness follows Kai like a shadow, leaving him touch-starved and lonely. Tormented by the error in judgment that killed his only love, he accepts an assignment to redeem himself: hunting down the demons destroying the mortal realm. But fate takes a turn, and Kai finds himself drawn to one of his targets instead. Demonic martial arts expert Byron Black has struggled to survive his entire life. He … Read more

New Release: Entwined Souls – Clare Solomon

New Release: Entwined Souls - Clare Solomon

QSFer Clare Solomon has a new MM epic fantasy romance out, Celestial Affairs book 1: Entwined Souls. Falian thinks he’s insignificant. He’s about to discover a destiny that will affect the world. He’s about to find a love that will change it. When Falian refuses to accept a job he has been ordered to take, one that would involve hurting people, he embarks on a momentous journey to change his life. To his shock Quithlade, the Storm God, and Bymbles, a celestial imp, decide to join him. Falian and Quithlade grow closer, but the Storm God had a previous relationship … Read more