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LEGENDS: Ancient Camelot Parchments Discovered in Bristol

The librarian hadn’t fallen under a magical spell, but he still felt enchanted when he unexpectedly discovered seven handwritten parchments detailing the legendary adventures of Merlin and King Arthur. For years, the documents had lain hidden at the University of Bristol in England. The parchments were discovered in a book dating to the 16th century, Michael Richardson, the Bristol special collections librarian, said in a statement. He happened across the parchments while seeking materials for students who needed historical documents from medieval times. Specifically, the parchments were found bound inside a four-volume edition of the writings of French scholar and … Read more

REVIEW: Lancelot: Her Story by Carol Anne Douglas

Title: Lancelot: Her Story Series: Yes, forthcoming Author(s): Carol Anne Douglas Genre: Arthurian lore, historical fiction LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Publisher: Hermione Books Pages/Word Count: 619 pages Review by Andy   The legendary Lancelot is reimagined as a woman disguised as a man in Carol Anne Douglas’ lesbian tribute to the King Arthur canon. Douglas, who describes herself as a “lifelong student of Arthurian and Shakespearean lore,” constructs a post-Roman, Medieval world that is otherwise meticulously loyal to the source material. The story follows Arthur’s unification of the British kings to fight the Saxons and his victorious ascent to power. As … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rites of Winter, by Amelia Faulkner

Rites of Winter

QSFer Amelia Faulkner has a new MM fantasy book out in her Inheritance series: Rites of Winter. The Wheel turns. Laurence Riley is slowly recovering from the torture he endured. A short break in New York should give him the peace and quiet he craves. But then Quentin goes missing in the worst blizzard the city has ever seen, and Laurence can’t save him alone. He’s going to need help. Snow falls. Quentin d’Arcy is a man torn apart by truth. When he’s abducted to a world that he can’t possibly survive, his nightmares are suddenly the least of his … Read more

Announcement: Lord of Ravens, by Amelia Faulkner

Lord of Ravens

QSFer Amelia Faulkner has a new MM urban fantasy book out: Lover. Predator. Killer. Laurence Riley’s inheritance comes with a price – one he’s not at all sure he can pay. When his urge to hunt grows out of control, he sends a desperate prayer to his ancestor for guidance. But he never expected that Herne the Hunter would answer. Scion. Target. Victim. There are horrors lurking in Quentin d’Arcy’s past, but they won’t hide there forever. Something ancient is coming to take him home: a creature of nightmare who feasts on the flesh of children. When the choice is … Read more