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REVIEW: Lancelot: Her Story by Carol Anne Douglas

Title: Lancelot: Her Story Series: Yes, forthcoming Author(s): Carol Anne Douglas Genre: Arthurian lore, historical fiction LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Publisher: Hermione Books Pages/Word Count: 619 pages Review by Andy   The legendary Lancelot is reimagined as a woman disguised as a man in Carol Anne Douglas’ lesbian tribute to the King Arthur canon. Douglas, who describes herself as a “lifelong student of Arthurian and Shakespearean lore,” constructs a post-Roman, Medieval world that is otherwise meticulously loyal to the source material. The story follows Arthur’s unification of the British kings to fight the Saxons and his victorious ascent to power. As … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT – Lancelot: Her Story, by Carol Anne Douglas

Lancelot: Her Story

QSFer Carol Anne Douglas has a new Lesbian Historical Fantasy out: A young girl sees a man rape and murder her mother. She grabs a stick and puts out his eye. Her father raises her as a boy so she will be safe from men’s attacks. She practices and practices until she becomes a great fighter – Lancelot. She wants to protect women, and she does. Lancelot hears about King Arthur, a just king across the sea, and journeys to earn a place at Camelot. She vows to serve him, but fears that Arthur and his men will discover that … Read more