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New Release: Red Pandamonium – Roan Rosser

Red Pandamonium - Roan Rosser

Roan Rosser has a new queer comedic urban fantasy out: Red Pandamonium. And there’s a giveaway. When you have chaos magic, the only thing you can do is expect the unexpected.Zombies. Shoestorms. Illicit unicorn rides. A talking red panda. Before today Max never believed in magic, despite bad luck so terrible he used to jokingly call it a curse. Now he’s a reluctant believer. His first day as a mage he draws the attention of the magic police, not to mention the mysterious hooded figures chasing him all over downtown Portland trying to kill him with magic. With the help … Read more

NEW RELEASE: WitchCurse – Lissa kasey

WitchCurse - Lissa Kasey

QSFer Lissa Kasey has a new MMM paranormal romance out, Kitsune Chronicles book 4: WitchCurse. A kitsune, caged in magic; a child turned warrior; and a broken wolf, seek a chance at freedom, power, and love. Kiran was captured and cursed by the fae to keep him from destroying their world. Nick was a child when he was ripped from the mortal realm and found himself trapped in Underhill. Bound together for survival, the duo never expected to escape into the human world. Toby, broken by the change from human to werewolf, finds himself drawn to the fae prince, and … Read more

Announcement: Internment, by Freddy MacKay

Internment - Freddy MacKay

QSFer Freddy MacKay has a new MM paranormal romance book out: Alone on his mountain, the kitsune Tadashi only wishes to be left in peace so he can mourn his lost lover and take care of his temple. Unfortunately, several townsmen who have no idea of Tadashi’s true nature have different plans for the “Jap on the mountain” and his land. When they push the kitsune too far, he reacts with horrific violence, leaving tragedy in his wake. Broken and terrified of himself, Tadashi represses his natural drives and shuts himself off from the world. The intrusion of a lost … Read more