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Lego to Remove Gender Stereotypes From Toys


Lego is working to eliminate gender stereotypes from its products after a study revealed that both parents and kids continue to view toys as gendered. A survey from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, commissioned by Lego, found large differences remain in the toys parents expect boys to play with and those they expect girls to play with, Lego reported. These attitudes are also connected to the type of career paths parents ultimately encourage their children to follow. For example, the survey found that parents were five times more likely to encourage girls to dance and dress up, … Read more

Lego’s First LGBTQ Pride Set

Lego Pride Set

Lego has announced its first-ever rainbow set, just in time for Pride month. The Danish toymaker announced a new set called “Everyone is Awesome,” which will feature 11 monochromatic, non-gendered figurines that come together to form a rainbow with black and brown stripes and the transgender flag colors. “I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love,” said LEGO set designer Matthew Ashton. He said that he designed the set a while back just to display on his desk at work, and when the company had the idea … Read more

Lego Star Wars Helmets to Die For

Star Wars - Lego Helmets

It’s time to suit up for “Star Wars Day” — that annual May the Fourth (be with you) fan celebration that happens on Monday. Luckily, Lego has three new helmet sets to help you get in the right mood. Supporters of the Empire can choose to build any or all of the following Lego sets: a Boba Fett helmet, a Stormtrooper helmet or a TIE fighter pilot helmet. While the helmets are not wearable, they would look great on a bookshelf or with other items in your “Star Wars” collection. The dimensions are diminutive enough to fit on most furniture, … Read more

Lego Women of NASA

Lego Women of NASA

Lego is releasing a new set that features important women who have worked at NASA. The “Women of NASA” will include figures of astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, and astronauts Mae Jemison and Sally Ride. The 231-piece also includes pieces for three builds that provide some context for the figures. One of the them is a five-inch-tall model of a space shuttle. MIT News deputy editor Maia Weinstock proposed the set on the Lego Ideas site in 2016 and, when it got 10,000 votes, it was approved for production. Her idea originally included mathematician Katherine Johnson – … Read more