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REVIEW: Twenty-Five Turns – Blaine D. Arden

Twenty-Five Turns - Blaine D. Arden

Genre: Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Gay, Non-Binary Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Can love last when one won’t leave, and the other can’t stay? Fear of moving farther away from his family had cost Eer the love of his life, but now, after twenty-five turns, Kat has returned…with a son, and Eer’s feelings resurface as if it had been only yesterday since they’d first kissed. But any hope Eer has of rekindling their love seems doomed to fail when a murderer’s taste for revenge forces Kat to choose between endangering their family or running… and … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: In The Valleys Of The Earth – R.R. Pearl

In The Valleys Of The Earth - R.R. Pearl

QSFer R.R. Pearl has a new Bi/Gay paranormal/fantasy romance, book one of “The Watchers”: “In the Valleys of the Earth.” The only thing more dangerous than their chemistry…is their enemies! Mild-mannered Xenoarcheologist Dr. Alec Coimhead and his best friend, Dr. Clemy Armistead, are certain that they’ve just found the ancient location of an apocryphal battle between demons and angels. Whisked away on a rollicking adventure, Alec finds himself under the watchful eye of Rafe, a taciturn mountain of a man with a mysterious past. Working with the enigmatic Praesidium, which claims to have protected humanity for generations, Alec clashes with … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hunt, by Ulysses LeMolina

The Hunt

QSFer Ulysses LeMolina has a new paranormal MM romance book out: The Hunt. Leaving the orphanage at the age of seven in the care of a doctor should have been the best day of Micah’s life, but the man who was supposed to be his savior had other intentions. LAST CHANCE TO ESCAPE. Living behind the facade of a legitimate laboratory, and under the absolute control of his captors, young Micah becomes the subject of torture in the form of genetic experimentation that turned him from man to beast and back again, and it was all to satisfy the morbid … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Crossroad, by Riley S. Keene

QSFer Riley S. Keene has a new FF fantasy book out in the Heroes by Necessity series: Crossroad. A long forgotten god. An abandoned Temple full of undead. Can the Favor of Isadon really bring the dead back to life? The Age of Mortals temporarily forgotten, Elise Bresch and Ragan Ermolt regroup to focus on returning their friend and companion, Athala Dohn, from the Nether. Or wherever Meodryt’s fateful bite sent her. Following instructions that are little more than campfire tales leads them to Marska, a long-abandoned city full of rumors – and bandits. Finding the fabled Temple of Isadon … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rush in the Dark, by Lynn Lorenz

Rush in the Dark

QSFer Lynn Lorenz has a new MM paranormal western romance out: Rush is so deep in the closet he can’t find the door, but meeting Brian might give him the courage to step out of it. When Brian and Rush meet in a dark alley, sparks fly. The attraction is fast and hard, but Rush is a rancher with a reputation to uphold and Brian is out and open. Both men have secrets, including the small powers they each have, and a relationship means they might have to share. It would require Rush coming out of his closet and putting … Read more