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ANNOUNCEMENT: Darkness Found, by Riley S. Keene

Darkness Found

QSFer Riley S. Keene has a new queer fantasy LitRPG book out – dARkness: Online Book 2: Darkness Found. In The False Lands, It’s Dangerous To Go Alone. Tanisha Richards, known as Koest in dARkness: Online, is realizing her time in Otekah’s version of her favorite mobile game is a little overtuned. She’ll need an extra hand (or thirty) to help her overcome the challenges so she can get back home. But getting help means talking to people. And also convincing them to work with her. Which is way easier said than done. Will Tanisha be able to gather her … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Darkness Named, by Riley S. Keene

Darkness Named

QSFer Riley S. Keene has a new queer fantasy LitRPG book out: Darkness Named. In the False Lands, it’s either git gud or die. Tanisha Richards, known as Koest in dARkness: Online, isn’t your typical augmented reality mobile gamer. She’s a deer-hunting engineer from Oregon who lives in a self-sustainable house but drives a really inefficient truck. She also happens to be in a wheelchair. When the loot of a lifetime shows up during a potentially bugged event, Tanisha rushes out into the wilderness to capitalize on some intern’s mistake. She was expecting some amazing drops. What she got was … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Crossroad, by Riley S. Keene

QSFer Riley S. Keene has a new FF fantasy book out in the Heroes by Necessity series: Crossroad. A long forgotten god. An abandoned Temple full of undead. Can the Favor of Isadon really bring the dead back to life? The Age of Mortals temporarily forgotten, Elise Bresch and Ragan Ermolt regroup to focus on returning their friend and companion, Athala Dohn, from the Nether. Or wherever Meodryt’s fateful bite sent her. Following instructions that are little more than campfire tales leads them to Marska, a long-abandoned city full of rumors – and bandits. Finding the fabled Temple of Isadon … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Chasing Moonslight, by Riley S. Keane

Chasing Moonslight

QSFer Riley S. Keene has a new queer fantasy story out: Aurel can’t help but help…even when it comes to killers. Aurel the silversmith is a famously generous man, and he has been of inestimable help to some of the mightiest figures in Underrealm. It has earned him powerful friends, and it’s even earned him a bit of coin. And today it might get him killed. An assassin of the Tabarzin is asleep in Aurel’s basement, and the law is hunting for her. He has no idea what to do about her, and it couldn’t have come at a worse … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Bargain, by Riley S. Keene

The Bargain

QSFer Riley S. Keene has a new queer fantasy book out: A bargain must be struck before the Age of Mortals can be truly realized. For Elise, Ermolt, and Athala, the price is high. Not only do they have to find the dragons that have been hidden for centuries, but they have to kill them. Their first stop is Jalova, home of Teis, God of the Sky, and their enemies the overseers, a group of thieves led by Merylle Callac, former High Priest of Teis. Merylle wants help them, and her terms are simple – she wants revenge of her … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ancients, by Riley S. Keene


QSFer Riley S. Keene has a new queer fantasy book out: Hidden far beneath the city of Khule lies a spell of immeasurable power. Athala Dohn, wizard and scholar, wants that spell. She’s already spent months researching it and enlisted some help—the barbarian Ermolt and the Conscript Elise—so getting what she wants should be easy, right? She was prepared for the giant rats, and she assumed there would be animated skeletons. But she didn’t expect to uncover a dragon, or to be carted off to jail. Ancients is the first book in the epic Heroes by Necessity series, overflowing with … Read more