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Movies: First Look – Melissa McCarthy as The Little Mermaid’s Ursula

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula in the Little Mermaid

The first Little Mermaid trailer dropped during the Oscars 2023, giving a closer look at Halle Bailey as Ariel and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula. McCarthy and Bailey introduced the trailer during Sunday night’s (12 March) ceremony. “For 100 years the Walt Disney company has produced some of the best heroes, villains and stories of all time and this amazing legacy would not be complete without The Little Mermaid,” McCarthy told the audience. She added that 1,735 film artists technicians and crafts people had come together to tell the story. “I may be biased,” she said, “but I have enjoyed making … Read more

TV: She-Ra Is Getting a Live Action Version. Will it Be Queer?


Amazon is developing a She-Ra live-action series, and fans are concerned the new reboot could do away with LGBT+ representation in the franchise. Variety reported the Amazon Studios reboot is still in the early stages, and there is currently no writer attached to the project. But it has been confirmed that DreamWorks Animation will serve as an executive producer on the live-action. The animation studio produced the beloved Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which has been widely praised for its LGBT+ representation. According to Variety, the Amazon Studios project will be a standalone story and won’t be … Read more

FILM: Director Explains Axing of Bi Character in Live Action Mulan… Badly

Live Action Mulan

Mulan fans were outraged when Disney confirmed it had removed Li Shang from its live-action remake, and now the film’s producer has revealed the perplexing reason for the decision. Li Shang has long been considered a bisexual icon by queer Disney fans faced with a total lack of representation in the studio’s animated films (a dearth which, it should be noted, will only be broken by the March release of Onward). [Producer Jason Reed] said that the character was split because in the original, Li Shang is Mulan’s commanding officer as well as her love interest, creating what he believes … Read more

FILM: Channing Tatum to Play He-Man?

Channing Tatum - Twitter

According to Variety Sony and toy licensee Mattel Films have tapped the writers of Sony’s lucrative Men In Black franchise to steer its long gestating He-Man and the Masters of the Universe property to the silver screen. Art  Marcum and Matt Holloway will pen the film and the brother team of Adam and Aaron Nee are directing. The movie will be based on the 1980s Mattel line of strangely muscularly proportioned action figures that launched a successful afternoon cartoon series that ran from 1983 to 1985 and is beloved by a generation of Millennials that have flooded the coffers of other He-Mancontemporaries from The Transformers to GI Joe (which Tatum starred in). … Read more

FILM: Mulan Bisexual Icon Removed from Live Action Version of Film

Li Shang

Bisexual icon Li Shang has seemingly been removed from Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan – and fans are outraged. Shang won over bi fans everywhere in the original 1998 film, with many adoring Disney’s apparently unintentional creation of a character who is clearly attracted to both Mulan and her male alter-ego, Ping.  As one person has put it, “shang is giving mulan the exact same look even when he thought she was a man THIS BISEXUAL TEA”. But according to a casting call unearthed by Twitter account nerdyasians, Disney has engaged in literal bi-erasure, eliminating the subject of so many … Read more