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New Release: The Story Generator – Mark All

The Story Generator - Mark All

QSFer Mark All has a new dark horror/fantasy out (lesbian character): The Story Generator. When an antique device is donated to the Miskatoosa University Library, John Dixon believes it will solve his writer’s block. The machine generates plot developments for a novel—but its suggestions begin to come true, weaving a dark story of its own and piercing the veil between this world and a universe of horror. John and his critique partner Gretchen must destroy the device—but it doesn’t want to die. It wants to finish its story. Get It At Amazon Excerpt PROLOGUE September Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia Etienne … Read more

REVIEW: The Oldest Solution by Priya Sridhar

“The Oldest Solution” by Priya Sridhar

Title: The Oldest Solution Author: Priya Sridhar Genre: Lovecraftian Sci Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Publisher: Strange Horizons (short story) Reviewer: Jim Read It at Strange Horizons The Review One hundred and one years have passed since the reclusive and eccentric Howard Phillips Lovecraft published the short stories “Dagon” and “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”, and arguably introduced the Cthulhu Mythos to the reading public.  While Lovecraft’s racist leanings have been condemned in recent years, his vision of a cosmos filled with tentacled monsters continues to inspire, with Elizabeth Bear’s “Shoggoths in Bloom” and Mat Johnson’s Pym being two recent works which have brought new … Read more