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Magical Boy Basil 2 Kickstarter

Magical Boy Basil

Magical Boy Basil, a cool queer superhero web comic, is starting its kickstarter for issue two. Join the Kickstarter I did the first one of these – it’s a really cool comic. More about it: Magical Boy Basil is a free-to-read webcomic that updates every Friday. It’s an LGBT+ story about a group of undercover teenage magicians that battle monsters in order to maintain the balance of the universe. Magical Boy Basil is created by Jill Marie Hackett (writer) and Rebeckah Murray (artist). Both Rebeckah and Jill graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2010. Magical Boy is … Read more

Interview: Beckah and Jill – Magical Boy Basil

Magical Boy Basil

Last week on M3, a new face stopped by the group – Jill of the comic book writing duo Beckah and Jill. They write Magical Boy Basil, a free webcomic about a group of magical teens. It’s adorable. They also have a Kickstarter to help them put out a print edition of the comic with some great rewards. Thanks, guys, for stopping by for the interview! I’m so glad you guys stumbled upon us on Queer Sci Fi – how did you find the group? JILL: Well, it turns out that Angel Martinez and I will be on a panel … Read more