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Interview: Beckah and Jill – Magical Boy Basil

Magical Boy Basil

Last week on M3, a new face stopped by the group – Jill of the comic book writing duo Beckah and Jill. They write Magical Boy Basil, a free webcomic about a group of magical teens. It’s adorable. They also have a Kickstarter to help them put out a print edition of the comic with some great rewards. Thanks, guys, for stopping by for the interview! I’m so glad you guys stumbled upon us on Queer Sci Fi – how did you find the group? JILL: Well, it turns out that Angel Martinez and I will be on a panel … Read more

Ayres and Graces: Queer Author Interview

Being a writer is already a huge challenge and being a queer writer brings with it a whole new set of challenges. This week we have queer writer and artist duo Finn Lucullan and Kate Larking who jointly create the queer space opera webcomic Crash & Burn. I spend my entire first impression explaining what I am rather than what I do. — Finn What challenges have you personally faced as a queer writer? Finn: Hello! I’m Finn, a 22 year old queer (agender aromantic, would call my sexuality “queer” for lack of a better term) writer and artist from Canada. … Read more