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NEW RELEASE: Twenty-Five Turns – Blaine D. Arden

Twenty-Five Turns - Blaine D. Arden

QSFer Blaine D. Arden has a new queer fantasy romance out in the Tales of the Forest series: Tewnty-Five Turns. Can love last when one won’t leave, and the other can’t stay? Fear of moving farther away from his family had cost Eer the love of his life, but now, after twenty-five turns, Kat has returned…with a son, and Eer’s feelings resurface as if it had been only yesterday since they’d first kissed. But any hope Eer has of rekindling their love seems doomed to fail when a murderer’s taste for revenge forces Kat to choose between endangering their family … Read more

Happy Non-Binary People’s Day

Sam Smith Album

It’s International Non-Binary People’s Day, also known as a great day to learn more about prominent people in the non-binary community. Non-binary people have existed for as long as humans have. In some historical cultures, people living outside the gender binary were revered as spiritual leaders. While Western colonisation wiped many of these traditions out (due to the Christian ideal of the heteronormative nuclear family unit), non-binary people continue to exist – though the language we use to describe ourselves has evolved. At a time when non-binary people around the world have vastly uneven access to healthcare, discrimination protection and legal … Read more