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ANNOUNCEMENT: Once Upon a Rainbow V3 Anthology

Once Upon a Rainbow V3

NineStar Press has just released the third volume in the queer Once Upon a Rainbow fairy tale anthology series: Your favorite stories from childhood have a new twist. Seven fairy tales of old with characters across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. NineStar Press | Amazon | Goodreads The Stories Green Things Grow from Cinders by A.E. Ross – Glass slippers aren’t for everyone. Gretel on Her Own by Elna Holst – This time around, Gretel Kindermann is on her own. Or is she? Bremen Town Musicians by Mark Lesney – Loss and love on the road to Bremen Town. The Scent of … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Once Upon a Rainbow Anthology

Once Upon a Rainbow

QSFer K.S. Trenten has an FF fairytale story in a new queer anthology book: FAIREST: On the eve of my sixteenth year, I’m cursed to prick my finger on spindle and fall into a hundred year sleep. This is what the witch with the snow white skin and haunting dark eyes promised me, as I lay in my cradle. I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind, since. She haunts my dreams, steals into my quiet moments, when I think I’m alone. Everyone thinks she’s my enemy. Everyone thinks I need to be protected from her. I … Read more