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New Release / Giveaway: Built From Ashes – Fox Beckman

Built From Ashes - Fox Beckman

Fox Beckman has a new queer paranormal romance out (gay/non-binary): Built From Ashes. Ravi’s world has shattered. Cayenne’s dark secrets have finally come to light, and a mysterious enemy threatens to dismantle The Trust from within. Haunted by betrayal, Ravi must confront the demons of his past while battling for the future of The Trust, the fate of the world, and his own heart. But can something so broken ever truly be mended? Get It At Amazon | Publisher | Universal Buy Link | Goodreads Giveaway One lucky winner will receive a $50.00 NineStar Press Gift Code!  a Rafflecopter giveaway … Read more

Triple Review: The Gargoyle and the Romance Writer – Chloe Archer

The Gargoyle and the Romance Writer - Chloe Archer

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Cozy Monster LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Pansexual Reviewers: Jay, Linda, Whiskey November Get It On Amazon About The Book Welcome to Monsters Hollow, where love knows no bounds—even in a town full of monsters! A quirky romance writer in hiding. A sexy gargoyle lover turned bodyguard. And a stalker that just won’t quit… Ryder Thomas (aka Ryder St. James) I assumed writing swoony romance novels about humans and Otherkind might attract some unsavory attention. But I never imagined I’d have an obsessive fan stalking me. Fortunately, my BFF Max has an in with a town he assures me can … Read more

New Release: The Monster at the End of This Courtship – Edie Monte

The Monster at the End of This Courtship - Edie Monte

QSFer Eie Monte has a new MM paranormal romance out: The Monster at the End of This Courtship. What good is fate when your mate won’t look your way?Omega Tuft has always wanted a mate. He’s craved someone to love and support him since he was a human changeling on Earth. Now that he’s a kobold/human hybrid, he understands this desire is hardwired into his genes. Too bad his new mate hasn’t gotten the message. Axel had tried so hard to fit in on Earth. He’d had a fiancée, a steady job, and video games to keep him busy. Now, … Read more

New Release: Rufus the Dead – Holly Day

Rufus the Dead - Holly Day

QSFer Holly Day has a new MM paranormal romance out: Rufus the Dead. Rufus will do anything not to remain staked in a coffin, including stealing a psychic and forming a blood bond with him.   Rufus Mabuz was a badass assassin until his coven leader had him staked and stored away in a coffin for seven years. He was still a badass assassin, only he couldn’t move. Then one day, the coven leader makes him an offer – bond with a psychic or stay in the coffin for years to come. Jaki Sage is kept prisoner together with a group of … Read more

Review: Final Night – Kell Shaw

Final Night - Kell Shaw

Genre: Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, Trans FTM Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Lukie’s been murdered. And she needs answers. She’s cut a deal with the Underworld to return to the living lands. But when Lukie returns as an undead revenant, twenty years have passed. Her former sleepy beach-side town is now a roaring tourist hot-spot. Her memory is full of holes and she doesn’t know which of her old friends to trust. Worse, a monster hunter is stalking her. Lukie has to stay one step ahead, or return to the … Read more

Review: Beware of Psychics – Holly Day

Beware of Psychics Box Set - Holly Day

Genre: Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Tony Get It At Amazon About The Book Having a psychic ability should make life easier, but it isn’t always the case. In this box set, you’ll meet three men with amazing abilities that could’ve made their lives great, but instead of making things easier, they cause trouble. Either they have to hide what they can do, or they can’t control it. But maybe there is happiness to be found even for an out-of-luck psychic? Contains the stories: How to Hook a Vampire: A vampire on guard. A psychic on the run. A cabin … Read more

New Release: Benedict & Bear – Lisa Oliver

Benedict and Bear - Lisa Oliver

QSFer Lisa Oliver has a new MM paranormal romance out: Benedict & Bear. Necromancer Benedict Dule’s morning was completely upended when a spirit of a young woman appeared in his bookshop. Emma was particularly insistent that he find a way to get a note to her brother, claiming the man who killed her was her brother’s lover. Unable to resist Emma’s persistence, Benedict finds a way to get a note to the man concerned and notches that up as his good deed for the day. Little did he know how much that simple note would change life as he knew … Read more

Review: Hooch and Howl – Karenna Colcroft

Hooch and Howls - Karenna Colcroft

Genre: Historical, Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It At Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Apple | SmashwordsUniversal Buy Link About The Book In the decade since being changed into a werewolf in 1920, Malachi has become used to being alone. But the appearance of bootleggers Jonathan and Roger on the beach below Malachi’s cottage shows Malachi what he’s been missing. He wants these men in his life, but he can’t ask them to stay. The following day, Roger returns seeking Malachi’s help in rescuing Jonathan from the rum-runners who are holding him hostage. Can Malachi help the men while protecting his own … Read more

New Release: I Ain’t Lyin’ – Katy Manz

I Ain’t Lyin’ - Katy Manz

QSFer Katy Manz has a new MM paranormal mpreg book out, GSC in Love book 3: I Ain’t Lyin’. Omega Lion shifter Leo woke up with no memory of the night beforeand the body of his ex laying in a puddle of blood in the bathroom.  Alpha Dragon shifter Ashton found his fated mate. Unfortunately, he’s the shifter Ashton is meant to bring in for a crime.  I Ain’t Lyin’ is the third book in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: GSC In Love. It features an omega lion shifter in trouble, an alpha dragon shifter … Read more

Review: Parker’s Forbidden Mate – Blake R. Wolfe

Parker's Forbidden Mate - Blake R. Wolfe

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Jay, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Falling for the cute handyman renovating my kitchen probably isn’t a good idea. He’s human and I’m a werewolf. Not to mention, my parents have already picked out a new boyfriend for me. But those green eyes and strong arms are impossible to resist. AIDENJust when I thought things were looking up, my entire life falls apart, thanks to some guy. Now I’ve sworn off men forever since I can’t trust myself to pick the right one. And that’s the moment I … Read more