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New Release: Lucky Jinn – Eule Grey

Lucky Jinn - Eule Grey

QSFer Eule Grey has a new FF fantasy book out: Lucky Jinn. What’s a butch to do? Ignore everything she’s ever believed or listen to her heart? Straight-talking gardener, Shelly, doesn’t understand why her flowers refuse to bloom and why the weather won’t do as it should. Give her a square patch of earth and she’ll bring it to life. Hand over a power drill, and Shelley can knock together a fancy bedroom in under a day. Physical tasks are easy. If only people were as straightforward! The problems arise when she begins work on a garden near the sea. … Read more


Magnified - Mell Eight

QSFer Mell Eight has a new MM urban fantasy book out: Magnified. And there’s a giveaway! On her deathbed, Yani’s great-grandmother reveals she has one last story from her past to tell: that of his great-uncle Yakov, who helped her survive the Nazis. It’s a story of vampires and werewolves he can scarcely believe—and in the wake of his great-grandmother’s death, Yani discovers the story is far from over. The world of vampires and werewolves isn’t a safe place for a human, even one with Yani’s unusual family history. With danger at his door, the smart thing would be to … Read more