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NEW RELEASE: Superheroes Take Over the World – Wendy Rathbone

Superheroes Take Over the World - Wendy Rathbone

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new superhero poetry out: Superheroes Take Over the World. Poems about superheroes by award-winning poet Wendy Rathbone. Some are familiar, some made up. These are their innermost thoughts, their ecstasies and despairs, their hatreds and loves. Some want vengeance. Some want to be worshiped. Some want to retire to a nice safe bed. Get It At Amazon Author Bio Hi, I’m Wendy and I’m a voracious reader as well as an author. Currently, I write all male/male romances and am lately focused on omegaverse. For many years mm has been my first love. The stories … Read more

REVIEW: The Cyborg Anthology – Lindsay B-e

The Cyborg Anthology - Linday B-e

Genre: Sci-Fi, Poetry LGBTQ+ Category: Multiple Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book Poems written by Cyborgs in the future – this collection melds sci-fi and poetry, human and machine. The Cyborg Anthology takes place in a future where there was a thriving world of Robots and Cyborgs living peacefully beside Humans, but a disaster destroyed all Robot and most Cyborg life. The book is organized like a typical anthology of literature, split into sections that include a biography of each poet and a sample of their poetry. It covers early Cyborg poetry, political, celebrity, and pop culture … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Rollerblade Day, by Eric Alan Westfall

A Rollerblade Day

QSFer Eric Alan Westfall has a new MM poetry book out that includes some spec fic poems: ’m not sure what to say to entice you into buying a collection of mostly gay-themed poems. Some are from my own life, some are not. Some will hopefully give you a joyful smile, and an “Ah, yes.” Others I hope will have a different effect on your emotions. There are some humorous ones (“quantumchromodynamics”—which is, by the way, a real word), some are happy, some are not, some are fantasies (“the dragon painting,” “dining with the Anhkang king”), and some deal with … Read more