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New Release: Belega – Dianne Hartsock

Belega -Dianne Hartsock

QSFer Dianne Hartsock has a new MM fantasy book out, The Karthagans book one: Belega. The Karthagans have regained their ancient powers of manipulating nature, but at the price of madness. In their lust for control, they’ve destroyed their island and most of their race. They come now to Belega, where one of them, Camron, seeks domination over the known world. The Mage has come from the northern continent of Sennia to bring peace, but finding his strength no match for the coming struggle, he passes his abilities on to Natan, who only desires a simple life. Now only Natan … Read more

New Release: Beware of Psychics Box Set – Holly Day

Beware of Psychics Box Set - Holly Day

QSFer Holly Day has a new MM paranormal trilogy out: Beware of Psychics Box Set. Having a psychic ability should make life easier, but it isn’t always the case. In this box set, you’ll meet three men with amazing abilities that could’ve made their lives great, but instead of making things easier, they cause trouble. Either they have to hide what they can do, or they can’t control it. But maybe there is happiness to be found even for an out-of-luck psychic? Contains the stories: How to Hook a Vampire: A vampire on guard. A psychic on the run. A … Read more