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HOLLYWOOD: Tanner Buchanan Would Love to Play a Bisexual Robin

Robin Bisexual - DC Comics

Netflix star Tanner Buchanan is interested in playing Robin in the upcoming Batman films, and he’s said he’d love to play a bisexual Boy Wonder. Buchanan, who has starred in Cobra Kai and He’s All That, has repeatedly shared his aspirations to play Batman’s vigilante partner opposite Robert Pattinson in DC’s upcoming reboots. The 22-year-old actor opened up about his superhero dreams on Variety’s Just for Variety podcast, adding he wouldn’t mind honouring the character’s newly revealed LGBT+ identity. “If I have the opportunity to represent something like that, that’s incredible,” Buchanan said. “If they’re willing to write it, then … Read more

TV’s Robin Says ABC Tried to Shrink His… Robin-hood

Robin - Page 6

For baby boomers and classic TV fans, the name Burt Ward is instantly recognizable as the loyal and extremely excitable Robin on the campy “Batman” series which ran on ABC from 1966-1968. Just this week he happily unveiled a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which he called an “amazing experience.” The Caped Crusaders costumes were bright and tight-fitting to say the least, so snug that Ward incurred the wrath of the Catholic League of Decency. “They thought that Robin had a very large bulge for television,” Ward told Page Six, although he promises that it was all him, … Read more

TV: Maya Hawke Pushed for Her “Stranger Things” Character to Be a Lesbian

Actress Maya Hawke

Actress Maya Hawke, who plays Robin in the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, has revealed that she advocated for her character to be a lesbian after filming began. Robin became the first LGBT+ character in the hit show, coming out as a lesbian to her ‘Scoops Ahoy’ colleague Steve Harrington in episode seven. In a scene that cleverly defies genre expectations, Robin reveals she didn’t actually have a crush on Steve in high school, but on the girl who couldn’t stop staring at him in class. Speaking in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Hawke said the Duffer … Read more

20 Times Batman And Robin Were Definitely In A Secret Gay Relationship

Batman is probably the gayest superhero, that’s not actually out kissing dudes, in existence. The ‘gay’ interpretation goes all the way back to 1954, when a psychiatrist claimed that the comic books were ‘homosexual fantasies’… Hit the link for the gayest, and slightly awkward, moments in Batman history (Some may be NSFW).

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Can’t Stop Laughing At A Gay Batman Joke

All-around likable guy/astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson certainly knows how to take a joke: with copious amounts of laughter. On a recent podcast in which Tyson was narrowing down the most scientifically-accurate super hero (because that’s what astrophysicists do in their spare time), Tyson’s co-host, comedian and radio personality Chuck Nice, makes an all-too-familiar string of cracks at the true nature of Batman and Robin’s relationship. Perhaps its Nice’s delivery, or maybe Tyson was just feeling giggly that day, but the noted scientist can’t get enough of it.