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VIDEO GAMES: Sims 4 Rolls Out Customizable Pronouns

Sims 4

Iconic life simulation game The Sims 4 is introducing customisable pronouns to honour and represent its dedicated LGBTQ+ fans. EA and Maxis released on Tuesday (24 May) a brand new update to make the game a more inclusive place by granting players the ability to customise the pronouns of the Sims they create. Players will be able to enter the name of their character, as usual, as well as choose their Sim’s pronouns from a new dropdown menu of pronouns. Individuals can also add custom pronouns with some grammatical guidelines in the new user interface that lets players see how … Read more

VIDEO GAMES: Sims 4 Releases Inclusive New Wedding Game Pack Trailer

Sims 4 Wedding Pack

The Sims 4 has revealed a new wedding extension pack with a trailer showcasing queer joy. The trailer for the My Wedding Stories game pack follows the story of two female friends who fall in love. One of them jilts her groom at the altar because they’re not compatible – but it doesn’t end badly – as he goes on to walk his former fiancée down the aisle. We then see the women’s relationship develop as they go on a honeymoon and return to their wedding venue as elders, all of which can be recreated with the new extension pack. Full Story from … Read more

VIDEOGAMES: The Sims 4 to Offer NB Pronouns in 2022

The Sims 4

A progress update on The Sims 4 and non-binary pronouns has been confirmed for early 2022, leading to fan speculation that pronouns will be added into the game next year. Video game developer Maxis said it will be sharing news about pronouns in January 2022 following a period of research and data collection around non-binary language. This was sparked by a petition that called for non-binary pronouns to be added into The Sims 4 and garnered more than 20,000 signatures. Full Story from Pink News