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Videogames: Apex Legends Writer on Hatred for Trans Character: “Maybe Apex Isn’t for You.”

Catalyst - Apex Legends

The lead writer of Apex Legends, Ashley Reed, has hit back at backlash to the game’s first trans character, saying if players don’t like LGBTQ+ representation then “Apex isn’t for you”. Reed, of Respawn Entertainment, has made it very clear that upcoming legend Catalyst has intentionally been made trans to reflect the diversity of the “future world”. She says the character was always intended to be “inescapably trans.” “If you’re not upfront about it, people are gonna find ways to deny it,” she told The Sun. Full Story from Pink News

VIDEO GAMES: Mod Makes all NPC’s Queer


A very dedicated Skyrim player has modified the game to make all non-playable characters (NPCs) queer. Skyrim features dragons, vampires, mammoths and a race of cat-like people known as the Khajiit. But some people think that featuring LGBT+ people and same-sex romance options is a step too far for the fantasy game. According to The Gamer, Skyrim has been subject to several anti-LGBT+ attacks recently with some modders trying to remove any traces of queerness from the game. This reportedly includes erasing any mentions of queer relationships from the game’s notes and journals as well as modding out the ability … Read more

VIDEOGAMES: The Sims 4 to Offer NB Pronouns in 2022

The Sims 4

A progress update on The Sims 4 and non-binary pronouns has been confirmed for early 2022, leading to fan speculation that pronouns will be added into the game next year. Video game developer Maxis said it will be sharing news about pronouns in January 2022 following a period of research and data collection around non-binary language. This was sparked by a petition that called for non-binary pronouns to be added into The Sims 4 and garnered more than 20,000 signatures. Full Story from Pink News

VIDEO GAMES: China Plans to ban Games with Queer Content

Beijing - Pixabay

China will ban video games featuring same-sex relationships, ‘effeminate’ men and moral choices, according to a leaked memo. The internal memo from a recent internal training by the state-backed gaming association was revealed by the South China Morning Post, lays out new restrictions for approving video games in China. According to the publication, the memo said that video games must not be viewed as “pure entertainment”, and should instead convey “a correct set of values”. Games that feature queer relationships or “effeminate males”, the memo states, should not be approved for release in China. “If regulators can’t tell the character’s … Read more

VIDEOGAMES: Twelve-Year-Old gamer Calls Out His friends for Homophobia

12 Year Old Gamer - TikTok Screen Capture

A Tiktoker’s brother has given a masterclass in eviscerating homophobic video gamers – and he’s only 12. In two viral TikToks which has been viewed millions of times, the younger brother of user @BumbleBee__ happily plays the video game Call of Duty: Warzone when he encounters something so common for many queer gamers, discrimination. As the first clip shows, the brother can be seen having an intense argument with a friend about him being homophobic. “So, you just blatantly admit to being homophobic?” he asks one of his friends through a headset, who presumably confirms they know this as the … Read more

VIDEOGAMES: New Trans Artist Bundle Launched for Game Developers

Transgender Artists Bundle

A transgender bundle has been launched on to support trans developers. The Transgender Artists Bundle has been put together by non-binary musician sabrina_tvband, whose music is also part of the bundle. The aim is to support trans games developers, with 21 items available in total. The minimum payment is $10, with a goal to raise $20,000. The bundle value is $56, making a saving of 82%. “This is a bundle consisting entirely of projects created by transgender artists. It has some great and inventive games, as well as four albums of electronic music,” reads the bundle page. “The economic … Read more