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COMIC BOOKS: Wonder Woman Has a Girlfriend in new Series

Wonder Woman - Dark Knights of Steel

Wonder Woman and Princess Zala are revealed to be in a same-sex relationship in DC’s new medieval, fantasy series “Dark Knights of Steel”. (DC/Dark Knights of Steel #2) Wonder Woman shares a beautiful kiss with her girlfriend, Superman’s sister, in the new comic series Dark Knights of Steel. The DC Comics limited series is set in a fantastical universe that vaguely resembles medieval times. Dark Knights of Steel #2 begins with Lois Lane arriving by ship on Themyscira, the island home of the Amazons, to deliver bad news to Wonder Woman and princess Zala of the House El – the … Read more

COMIC BOOKS: New Wonder Woman Comic Reveals First Trans Amazon

trans amazon

DC Comics has become a little bit queerer as Themyscira, the island home of Wonder Woman, officially welcomed its first known trans Amazon. The creators of DC’s new series Nubia and the Amazons have confirmed that trans women can be Amazons and are welcomed onto Themyscira – the island nation of the female warrior women known as the Amazons. The first comic in the series begins with a flashback to Bia’s arrival on ​​Themyscira. In the DC universe, the Amazons are born through the Well of Souls, a portal through which women who died as a result of violence at … Read more

OG Wonder Woman Shuts Down Transphobes

Lynda Carter on Supergirl Set

Wonder Woman’s Lynda Carter is truly the hero that the LGBT+ community deserves after she came out swinging for the trans community on social media. Carter played Diana Prince – aka Wonder Woman – in the original 1970s TV show about the iconic DC superhero. She recently shut down transphobes on Twitter by declaring anyone could be “Wonder Women”, including trans women. “Trans women are Wonder Women,” Carter said. “End of story.” Full Story from Pink News

CELEBS: Lynda Carter Thought “Fat Bear Week” Was About Gay Men

Lynda Carter on Supergirl Set

Lynda Carter proved why she is truly the Wonder Woman of our hearts after admitting she thought Fat Bear Week was a body positive LGBT+ event. Carter – who played Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, in the original 1970s TV show – shared on Twitter that she had recently discovered Fat Bear Week, an annual celebration of the massive land mammals. But, she admitted, she got the wrong end of the stick. “I kept hearing about Fat Bear Week and thought it was a celebration of body positivity within a gay subculture,” Carter wrote. “It turns out it is about … Read more

Queer Fans Embrace Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot - HBO Max

With the release of “Wonder Woman 1984” on Christmas Day, a whole new generation of queer fans will be able to connect to the iconic DC superhero through a campy, nostalgic lens – something countless GenX-ers hold near and dear in their memory, thanks to the ‘70s TV show starring Lynda Carter.  The character herself, of course, predates that series by decades. Debuting in DC’s “All Star Comics #8” in 1941, she was quickly embraced by readers, and soon became a star in her own right. In “official” mythology, she was sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta of … Read more

FILM: New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer: Drag Queen Kicks and A Date With Another Woman?

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

The Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is an instant queer classic and the internet will not hear otherwise. Gal Gadot is back as Diana Prince, immortal demigoddess, Amazon princess and bonafide bisexual icon, for another instalment of the Worlds of DC. Wonder Woman 1984 sees the warrior’s story jump ahead by about 70 years, as the title suggests, to the era of mullets, aerobics and – on a less iconic note – Section 28. The trailer gives fans their first glimpse of Kristen Stewart’s character, Cheetah, who appears to be on a date with Diana. Full Story at Pink News

TV: Lynda Carter to Reprise Role as Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Twitter

As “The Arrowverse” of interconnected superhero shows plan an upcoming multi-episode crossover featuring characters from Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow. The crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” would bring together multiple versions of characters from previous movies and television shows. Lynda Carter, who portrayed Wonder Woman in the 1970s, already has a role on Supergirl as an alien disguised as an American politician, but now CBR is reporting that the actress will appear in the crossover – in her original role as the Amazonian warrior princess. If the world needs to be saved, then someone’s got to do it! Full Story at … Read more

FILM: Wonder Woman Sequel Delayed to 2020

Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman 1984,” the highly anticipated sequel to “Wonder Woman,” will have a longer wait for the big screen. Gal Gadot revealed that the film has been pushed back seven months from its original date of Nov. 1, 2019. The new release date is set for June 5, 2020. “Super excited to announce that, thanks to the changing landscape, we are able to put Wonder Woman back to its rightful home. June 5, 2020. Be there or be square!!!” Gadot posted. By Mariah Cooper – Full Story at The Washington Blade

FILM: Wonder Woman 2 Filming Underway

Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman” is taking the District back to the ’80s filming for the franchise’s sequel. The sequel, which star Gal Gadot revealed is titled “Wonder Woman 1984” in a tweet, has shut down parts of the area. Wisconsin Avenue between Volta Place and M Street will be shut down all day on Thursday and is expected to reopen at 8 p.m. Filming will continue on July 1. The area has been transformed to go back in time to 1984. Retro police cars have been spotted in the area. A former D.C. landmark, Commander Salamander, has also been revived for the … Read more

Wonder Woman Proposes to Supergirl at Con

Wonder Woman Proposes to Supergirl

Some couples get engaged at Disneyland. Others at a concert. This couple, however, just set a new bar — getting engaged as Wonder Woman and Supergirl. At Paris Comic Con, an annual fan convention, a pair of cosplayers had a pretty memorable weekend. During what looks like a presentation of sorts, a woman dressed as Wonder Woman starts talking to another woman dressed as Supergirl. As Star Wars cosplayers convene on stage (just go with it), Wonder Woman gets down on one knee. By Anya Crittenton – Full Story at Gay Star News