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TV: Muppet Gonzo is Non-Binary!


The animated children’s show Muppet Babies is teaching kids an important lesson about acceptance and gender in a new episode that shows the popular character Gonzo coming out as a princess.

Gonzo is a little blue monster who has always been assumed to be male. But, Gonzo says in the episode, that’s not “me.”

Miss Piggy throws a ball in the episode and when Gonzo says they want to wear a dress, she pompously tells him that girls wear gowns and that the boys will come as knights. Kermit and his pals try to reassure Gonzo that being a knight is cool, but they’re obviously dejected and walks away.

Gonzo’s friend Rizzo becomes a “fairy ratfather” and grants they’re wish to become a princess for the ball, complete with gown and glass slippers. They have a wonderful time and when the other characters catch back up with them, the group excitedly tells them about the mysterious princess who attended the ball.

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