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ANNOUNCEMENT: Root – Daniel Fisher

Root - Daniel Fisher

QSFer Daniel Fisher has a new queer comedic dark fantasy out, The Place of Things Book Four: “Root.”

Root, the third book in the Place of Things series is the continuing story of Michael and his new, rather unique fiancée. From the Winter’s Solstice to the Vernal Equinox we find our lover’s and their friends explore new and creative ways to adapt to life altering events. 

Having relocated and now a resident in the sanctuary town of Sacred Grove, Michael is finding his place among the mythical, mystical and mostly immortal residents who’ve hidden away from the outside world. Not only is he coming out of his isolation, they are finding he is dragging them out of self imposed exile as well. Sometimes against their instincts. As his and Kurra’s love deepens, new mysteries are added to the mysteries and his and their worlds will never be the same.

As the union between two souls from two drastically different worlds draws closer, new mysteries, challenges and threats crop up for Michael, the mortal and all the immortals that get caught in his wake. Enchantments and wards may not be enough to hold back the onslaught of supernatural forces if the wedding gets bumpy. Many may yet perish if things go awry. May the Goddess help them all. 

Book four, the conclusion to this tale coming soon.



Early December snow fell as Michael and Smitten spun chatting a mile a minute about everything. Michael, yet to give him his gift, left that part out of the conversation until they got inside. Eventually settling down little spirit now tucked in his arms, Michael was about ready to face the crowd. However, before heading in they heard a quiet ‘eeep’ coming from the roof of the diner. Not sure from where at first, Kurra pointed to the small flying snake Michael had befriended curled up looking sad. At least giving the impression of sadness, due to the simple fact snakes don’t have expressive faces.

“Yup! What are you doing up there?” Beckoning to the four winged serpent Michael invited it to come down. 

The three foot long, blue and red spotted creature, flung itself off the roof landing in Michael’s arms. Smitten leapt to Kurra’s head giving Michael both arms to catch it. The dear thing was cold to the touch.“I believe Yup-Yup followed you from the grove.” Kurra gave up trying to stop Michael from making friends with every creature great and small, there was no point in warning of the dangers he’d do it anyway.

“It must’ve thought we left the farm to come here. Up’s been waiting for us… He’s so cold.”

“The chanuphis should be dormant, I suspect it missed you.”

Author Bio

An Indiana native, I spent over 20 years in Philadelphia study and working on different aspects of the creative process. I am trained as a Painter, Sculptor, and Designer who had many shows and several exhibitions of my work. As well as multiple commissioned piece.
I spent most of my twenties working with non-profits teaching large scale pageantry and puppetry to different communities in the city. Professionally I have a background in art education, folklore and mythology. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many outstanding artists and performers doing set design, costuming, marketing and press on numerous multimedia events. 

Returning home to Indiana, I continued painting and sculptor, showing in a number of events, and place in competitions. In 2016 I began writing and finished my first novel a year later. Since then I have been published in Breaking Rules Publishing, with a work in an anthology, and my own novel. I continue to aspire to creating my own line of written work, design and art and décor and have recently started my own business. 

I will continue to work along side other’s at Breaking Rules, and the company itself to foster an atmosphere of collective creativity. 

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