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New Release: Hooch and Howls – Karenna Colcroft

Hooch and Howls - Karenna Colcroft

QSFer Karenna Colcroft has a new MM historical paranormal book out (gay/poly): Hooch and Howls. In the decade since being changed into a werewolf in 1920, Malachi has become used to being alone. But the appearance of bootleggers Jonathan and Roger on the beach below Malachi’s cottage shows Malachi what he’s been missing. He wants these men in his life, but he can’t ask them to stay. The following day, Roger returns seeking Malachi’s help in rescuing Jonathan from the rum-runners who are holding him hostage. Can Malachi help the men while protecting his own heart? Warnings: Nonconsensual voyeurism, references … Read more

New Release: Be the Sea – Clara Ward

Be the Sea - Clara Ward

QSFer Clara Ward has a new queer sci-fantasy book out (ace, bi, demi, gay, lesbian, non-binary, poly, trans): Be the Sea. In November 2039, marine scientist Wend Taylor heaves themself aboard a zero-emissions boat skippered by elusive nature photographer Viola Yang. Guided by instinct, ocean dreams, and a shared birthday in 1972, they barter stories for passage across the Pacific. Aljon, Viola’s younger cousin, keeps a watchful eye and an innovative galley. Story by story, the trio rethink secrets, flying dreams, and how they experience their own minds. When they reach Hawaiʻi and prepare to part ways, opportunity and mystery … Read more

New Release: Valley of Shadows – Elizabeth Schechter

Valley of Shadows - Elizabeth Schecter

QSFer Elizabeth Schechter has a new queer fantasy out (bi, poly, non-binary), Heir to the Firstborn book 7: Valley of Shadows. When the Heir to the Firstborn is chosen by the Mother, the lore dictates that they must find their Companions among the tribes, and the first of those shall be Water. But when Aeris, oldest daughter and Heir to Firstborn Aria makes her Progress, her Water is nowhere to be found. The lore has once more been broken, threatening to throw the world out of balance. Two years later, as Aeris comes of age and continues to seek her … Read more

Review: Gemini Queen – Laura Navarre

Gemini Queen - Laura Navarre

Genre: Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Bi. Poly Reviewer: Lucy Get It At Amazon About The Book I summon the lightning.I claim my power.The warlocks of Icarus Academy claim me. I start my night as a cat burglar in Singapore and I end up queen of the witching world. Too bad this rags-to-riches fairytale’s a gig I never applied for and won’t accept. My witchcraft is wild and lethal, so I’ve renounced my power. I’m a fish out of water at Icarus Academy. But these four sexy warlocks who rule the school just won’t take no for an answer. They want me … Read more

New Release: Trials of the Innermost – Jonathan Fuller and Kristina Kelly

Trials of the Innermost - Jonathan Fuller and Kristina Kelly

QSFers Jonathan Fuller and Kristina Kelly have a new queer sci-fi book out (ace, bi, gay, poly), Etherea Cycle book 1: Trials of the Innermost. In a world that stopped spinning, six young people embark on a quest to preserve peace between their homelands and fulfill a prophecy that says they will save their world from being devoured. A cataclysm in Etherea’s past stopped its rotation, leaving three distinct realms: one of light, one of dark, and one of twilight. Years of war between them followed. Until the establishment of the Trials of the Innermost. A new set of Six … Read more

Review: To a Fungus Unknown – William C. Tracy

To A Fungus Unknown - William C. Tracy

Genre: Sci-Fi, Colonization, Alien Contact LGBTQ+ Category: Various Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book Forty years after landing on Lida, the colony still isn’t finished. Agetha has survived many more battles than she anticipated when she first landed on her new home planet. She’s older and wiser, has gained family and lost loved ones. And yet her reward for four decades of service is to be pushed to the colony’s outer edges with the other aging Generationals. But that was only the beginning of her adventure. The biomass has spent years studying the intruders who landed on … Read more

Review: Songbroken – Heather Osborne

Songbroken - Heather Osborne

Genre: Second World Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Gender Fluid, Poly Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon About The Book Nils is a healer’s apprentice faced with a difficult choice. Only men are allowed to be healers. But if Nils denies her heart and chooses that path, neither a healer’s status nor the balm of study will make up for losing a chance at marriage with the person she loves. Instead, concealing her true self from everyone she knows, Nils risks a dangerous journey to the distant city, desperate to find a balance between life’s passion and heart’s life. But always, the … Read more

New Release / Giveaway: Herald’s Call – Jaymie Wagner

Herald's Call - Jaymie Wagner

Jaymie Wagner has a new FFF urban fantasy out, Sing For Me book 3: Herald’s Call. And there’s a giveaway. Woe to the wolf who dares to callWith unworthy hearts lest darkness fallDour note this horn will playThe hounds shall rise and wolves shall bayThrough the horn Herne shall commandBy blood of the Hunt and a worthy hand! It is said that long ago Herne, the god of the Hunt, could use his Horn to make wolves obey his commands. A legend that Amy Oakley, Alpha of the Howlers pack, learned as a child and stopped believing in long before … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Angels Found – Ryan Southwick

Angels Found

QSFer Ryan Southwick has a new queer sci-fi / urban fantasy book out, Z-Tech Chronicles book 4: Angels Found. An ancient evil in Anne’s head aims to ruin her tranquil life and end humanity. It must be Tuesday. A house of her own with a white picket fence, complete with a loving partner, Anne Perrin finally has the life of her dreams — including the job she always wanted and a caring family to share it all with. But every Eden has its Pandora’s Box. Anne’s personal heaven is marred by a malevolent presence in her head who, if given … Read more

REVIEW: Trials on the Hard Way Home – Lilith Frost

Trials on the Hard Way Home - Lilith Frost

Genre: Space Opera LGBTQ+ Category: Gay / Poly (MMM Non-Romance) Reviewer: Ulysses, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book In this groundbreaking work of science fiction, one man attempts to return to Earth after years of living in an off-planet structure. Twenty-five-year-old Bryan is a student scientist living off-planet with the two men he loves. But when he senses that danger is about to befall his adopted home, Bryan wants to evacuate. Convincing one of his lovers to board a spaceship toward home, Bryan is soon confronted with the truth about his life. His journey through the … Read more