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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Knights of Huacovia: Conquistadors of Málagan IV – Chad Strongwood

The Knights of Huacovia: Conquistadors of Málagan IV

QSFer Chad Strongwood has a new MM sci fi/fantasy book out: The Knights of Huacovia: Conquistadors of Málagan IV.

Chitto is a humble farmer living in a small island village on a distant planet, but the fruit of his trees has a terrible secret. He meets Tenoch, the man of his dreams when the circus comes to town, but his romance is cut short when the town is raided by conquistadors from another world.

Chitto sets out on a rescue mission where he enlists the help of his neighbor and a secret order of knights who worship a dragon god. His lover and his friends are sold as slaves to the Earl of Málagan IV, where Tenoch finds himself caught up in a scandalous love triangle and a dangerous web of royal politics.

Is he ever rescued? Does he want to be? Will Chitto’s secrets catch up with him? What happens to their friends? Find out in this action-packed LGBT alternate-reality indigenous space adventure.

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…The body was nearly completely covered in dirt. It had taken many hours of hard work, but the vertical burial plot was prepared.

The obsidian blade presses against the neck of his victim, severing the muscles to allow for flexibility. He tilts the head upward so that in their final resting place they would see the stars. The next incision was made at the jawline, opening the mouth ever wider, as far as it could stretch.

He would have preferred to use a fresher corpse, but at midday, this would have to do. He retrieves the seedling from beside the grave, removes it from the pot, and inserts it deep down into the mouth. He takes special care to fill in the gaps with the potting soil, watering it a bit from his pail as he goes, until eventually the head is completely buried and only the plant remains above the surface, hiding what lies below. It would be many years before harvest, but he was patient… 

Author Bio

Chad Strongwood is an author and jazz artist who lives in Chicago, IL with his dog Crouton. He started out writing LGBT erotica for the BDSM community and has now branched out into science-fiction and fantasy novels after seeing a friend publish their first novel. He laments the lack of Native American representation in his upbringing and feels that his culture has been relegated to a chapter in history.

He believes that this stifles the ability of indigenous people to be seen in the present. Through his writing, he aspires to give them permission to exist in the future by providing them a place in sci-fi and fantasy. In the Knights of Huacovia series, he reimagines the Spanish Conquest as a space adventure and explores the identity struggles that accompany being Mestizo. Then he takes it a step further by challenging machismo notions of chivalry by inverting the story and making it gay.

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