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Review: Into the Unknown – Jess Thomas

Into the Unknown - Jess Thomas

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Throughout the land, rumbles of tales of old are murmured throughout the tribes. Sky has come into this world to fight for the side of light. Do you hear the beat of the drum and the sounds of the Ghost Dance in the wind? It tells of the trials ahead for the Indigenous people. Native Americans hold their breath, for they will be the first group targeted, and they refuse to go down without a fight. The modern world needs their magic and guidance. They will … Read more

NEW RELEASE – GIVEAWAY: Walks With Spirits – Edale Lane

Walks with Spirits - Edale Lane

Edale Lane has a new FF historical romance out: Walks With Spirits. And there’s a giveaway! Bound by love, separated by circumstances; can two women realize their happy ending?In a time when people believed everything had a spirit, there was a two-spirit woman who chose the life of a hunter. Human beings live in the physical world, while spirits dwell in the land beyond; Walks with Spirits inhabits both. Daughter of a shaman and an herbalist-midwife, Laughing Brook holds a prominent place in her society. She is training to be a healer like her mother, but her one wish is to … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Knights of Huacovia: Conquistadors of Málagan IV – Chad Strongwood

The Knights of Huacovia: Conquistadors of Málagan IV

QSFer Chad Strongwood has a new MM sci fi/fantasy book out: The Knights of Huacovia: Conquistadors of Málagan IV. Chitto is a humble farmer living in a small island village on a distant planet, but the fruit of his trees has a terrible secret. He meets Tenoch, the man of his dreams when the circus comes to town, but his romance is cut short when the town is raided by conquistadors from another world. Chitto sets out on a rescue mission where he enlists the help of his neighbor and a secret order of knights who worship a dragon god. … Read more