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Interview Queer Horror Director Israel Luna – new Film “Ouija Warehouse”

Ouija Warehouyse - Joseph_Suha

Filmmaker Israel Luna completed filming of “Ouija Warehouse” in June – the fifth installment in Luna’s The Ouija Experiment franchise. The first three are American films the first distributed by Viva Pictures and the other two distributed by ITN Studios, while the fourth is a foreign film distributed by MGK Multimedia. Israel independently made the first film titled, “The Ouija Experiment”, a remake of his 2002 film, “Is Anybody There?”, on a small budget of one-thousand two hundred dollars in 2013. The movie did so well in sales that ITN Studios picked up and funded the sequel, “Ouija: Resurrection” in … Read more

INTERVIEW: Briandaniel Oglesby

Brian Oglesby interview

I met Briandaniel a few weeks ago at the annual Playwrights Revolution – a staged reading of four plays that Sacamento’s Capital Stage puts on every summer. Brian’s play “Basement Demons and Trailer Saints” stood out, not just because of the stellar cast of actors who put it on in less than a day, but for the fascinating writing and super-LGBTQ+ group of characters he’d created. So afterwards I screwed up my courage and went to talk to him, hopeful that I could get him to do an interview for QSF (which I will also share on my own blog). … Read more

INTERVIEW: Gay Actor/Producer Joseph Herrera Releasing New Horror-Mystery Film

We’re thrilled to have an interview with Joseph Herrera, an openly gay actor/producer who has just secured distribution for a new horror film called Reel Killz: Queer Sci Fi: Hey Joseph, thanks for hanging out with us at Queer Sci Fi. :) What’s it like being an openly gay in Hollywood these days? Joseph Herrera: I feel so lucky that I am not judged on who I’m sleeping with but only by what I can bring to the table here in the Dallas film community. I pretty much give that freedom to the gays before who fought for us to … Read more

INTERVIEW: Rajee Narinesingh, Prophecy

Today we have something cool – an interview with a transgender actress in an upcoming fantasy film called “Prophecy”: About Narenesingh In 2011 the world was introduced to transgender activist Rajee Narinesingh, a trans woman who in 2005 wanted to alter her appearance from male-to-female as part of her gender transition. She sought out Oneal Ron “Duchess” Morris, an unbeknowst-to-her, fake doctor for cosmetic fillers. The fillers, of which Rajee received sixty, were not medical grade silicone, as she thought; however they were a concoction of: tire sealant, mineral oil, and glue, which after eight months left Rajee’s face, breasts, … Read more