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TV: Our Flag Means Death’s Non-Binary Pirate “Reclaiming Our Stories”

Vico Ortiz - Our Flag Means Death

Early on in Our Flag Means Death, the acclaimed new comedy starring Taika Waititi, we meet a pirate who loses their fake beard – and reveals their true identity. In the new feel-good series, which aired on HBO Max last year and launches on BBC Two on Wednesday (4 January), Vico Ortiz plays a gender non-conforming character who’s credited as both Jim and Bonifacia. When the show starts, Jim is presenting as a man so they can live their dream of being a pirate in the 17th century. That all changes when their fake beard and wax nose are foiled, … Read more

TV: Elliot Page’s “Umbrella Academy” Character to Come Out as Trans

TV: Elliot Page's "Umbrella Academy" Character to Come Out as Trans

The Umbrella Academy season three will reintroduce Elliot Page’s character as Viktor Hargreeves. Page, who shared that he is transgender in December 2020, has starred in both season of the hit Netflix show. After the actor came out it was reported that there wouldn’t be any change to his character, who has so far been portrayed as a woman. But Elliot Page shared an an exciting update with fans. The Juno star revealed their character will be known as Viktor Hargreeves, with Netflix confirming to The AV Club that Viktor will come out as trans in the upcoming season. Full … Read more

MOVIES: Playing Scream’s First Queer Character is ‘A Big Deal’

Jasmin Savoy Brown screencap

Scream star Jasmin Savoy Brown has opened up about the monumental impact of playing the film series’ first queer big-screen character. Jasmin Savoy Brown, who rose to fame for her electric role in Showtime’s Yellowjackets, plays Mindy Meeks-Martin in the upcoming (and confusingly-titled) Scream. The film, which comes 25 years after the 1996 original, sees a new killer take on the ghoulish mantle of Ghostface to terrorise the residents of Woodsboro. Mindy is part of a new group of teens who join with some of the franchise’s original characters to stop Ghostface. Brown told ET it was a “huge honour” … Read more

TV: Marvel’s Hawkeye on Disney Plus Introduces New Queer Black Female Character

Hawkeye - Bombshell

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has welcomed a new queer character in the most low-key way on the new Disney Plus series Hawkeye. In episode four, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) – aka Hawkeye – tasked his young protégé, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), with tracking down the trick arrows that he used to fight live-action role-playing (LARP) enthusiasts earlier in the season. Kate encountered off-duty New York Police Department officer Wendy Conrad (Adetinpo Thomas) who is training alongside the LARPers in the park. The young hero eventually enlisted the help of Conrad and others in the guild to help retrieve the missing … Read more

VIDEO GAMES: Rainbow Six Siege Game Features New Trans Character

Rainbow Six Siege

Online multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege has introduced its first trans operator. Osa has been added to the game as part of its year six content and joins the previously included Flores as LGBT+ operators as Ubisoft adds more diversity to the game. Queer narrative writer Simon Ducharme was responsible for creating these two LGBT+ characters. Part of the process for Osa was speaking with trans consultants for authenticity, which included esports caster Emi Donaldson. We spoke with Simon and Emi to find out more about the importance of trans representation in the game. What were the main inspirations for Osa? Simon: Beyond … Read more

Waiting for a Trans Character in the MCU


Way back in the mists of time, at the beginning of January 2020, the internet lit up with the news that Marvel was going to be adding a transgender character to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) “very soon”. Speaking at a New York Film Academy event, the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige was asked whether there were plans to bring “more LGBT+ characters” into the Marvel universe – “specifically the T, trans characters?” Marvel boss Kevin Feige has said that there will “absolutely” be more queer and trans characters in the franchise’s upcoming films. Feige appeared at a Q&A … Read more

TV: Marvel Gets a Trans Character

Jessica Jones

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced its first ever transgender character in season 3 of Jessica Jones, released on Netflix on June 14. In a major step towards trans inclusion, show runners added the character of a transgender assistant at Jessica’s detective agency, played by the openly trans actress Aneesh Sheth. Sheth, who is originally from Pune in India but moved to America as a child, said it had been an “exciting” opportunity to play the character of Gillian in the final season of the show. “I am transgender and the character of Gillian is also trans. But there’s no mention … Read more

TV: Supergirl to Get Trans Character


Supergirl is set to feature its first ever transgender character. The show attracted a host of LGBT fans in 2016 when Alex Danvers – played by Chyler Leigh – came out as a lesbian, with fans praising it as one of the best coming out stories in years.  Fans have also been keen to ship Supergirl’s human persona Kara Danvers with Lena Luthor, in a prospective couple known as SuperCorp. And it seems that the CW series will be expanding its horizons in Season 4, which is due to start later this year, likely in October. A casting call … Read more

TV: “Billions” Features a Beautiful Enby Sex Scene

Taylor - Asia Kate Dillon - Billions

Billions has shown a non-binary sex scene in a landmark move. Last year, the Showtime drama introduced Taylor, a character who does not identify as male or female, played by Asia Kate Dillon, who is also non-binary. They were widely considered to be the first representation of a non-binary character on TV. The acclaimed TV show, which stars Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, tells the story of a battle between a top hedge fund and the New York District Attorney’s office. Taylor is an intern at the hedge fund who is super-intelligent, a vegan, and also happens to use the … Read more

TV: Another Riverale Character Comes Out as Bi

Cheryl Blossom

Riverdale has another bisexual character after head cheerleader and all-round badass Cheryl Blossom came out in the latest episode. Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl on the dark CW and Netflix show about Archie Comics characters, revealed last week that Cheryl was “definitely interested in both women and men”.  And in an emotional scene with prominent bisexual lighting, Cheryl opened up about her sexuality to Toni Topaz, who also came out as bi earlier this season. Toni and Cheryl are among several Netflix characters to reveal their bisexuality in the past year, including Darryl Whitefeather on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Adam … Read more