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New Release (Free): One Simple Date – Zander Barnes

One Simple Date - Zander Barnes

QSFer Uncle Vlad has a new queer erotic fantasy short out (transmasculine): One Simple Date. And it’s free! A new story starring Razvan Martinescu and Kenneth Banerji. The hero Enchanter finds himself in his own back yard, dealing with a demon and deepening feelings for his casual lover Tyrant. Kenneth finally finds the courage to ask Razvan on a proper date, which ends with a steamy finish! Light dominance and submission, dildo play, anal play, vaginal sex, admission of romantic feelings, gender nonconforming dress (non sexual). It follows two transmasculine casual lovers who find their feelings deepening for one another. … Read more

New Release: A Hired Blade – JC Rycroft

Hired Blade - J.C. Rycroft

QSFer J.C. Rycroft has a new FF fantasy out: A Hired Blade. Sellsword Des is travelling alone in a dry and dusty southern land, after a spectacular bust up with her best friend. She’s running low on coin, so when former client Karina offers her a job leading her caravan’s security through brigand country, it feels like a gift. Des has done the route before, but she isn’t sure about leading solo. She recommends Karina hire Cap, a rugged old mercenary, to head up the crew. Maybe she’ll even learn a thing or two about how to lead, in between … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Bright Future Anthology

Bright Future Anthology

QSFer SI Clarke and six other authors have a new diverse, inclusive, hopeful sci-fi anthology out: Bright Future. Spaceships, space stations, and distant planets. Stampeding elephants, a talking dog, and a hungover captain without a ship. An ensign far from home, a stowaway, and a pair of runaways. This anthology features stories of a diverse and inclusive future by six up-and-coming indie authors. Case File #7: The One with All the Elephants by Jeannette BedardFlo doesn’t know what’s worse: the case she was just assigned or the new partner she has to work with. Jurassic Dark by SI CLARKEThere’s something … Read more

NEW RELEASE: White Heat – Leta Blake

White Heat - Leta Blake

QSFer Leta Blake has a new MM fantasy mpreg romance out: White Heat. And it’s FREE! Forbidden love conquers all. Sian Maxima, the heir to a great lineage, yearns to marry his childhood sweetheart, Avila Rossi. But their love is outlawed. After a secret, desperate tryst is discovered, Avila alone will be punished for their transgressions. Only Sian can save him. White Heat is a standalone prequel to Leta Blake’s Heat of Love universe. It’s set against a faux-historical backdrop and contains tropes such as mpreg, knotting, and heats. Get It FREE At Prolific Works Excerpt Coming Soon Author Bio … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ace of Squids, by Elliot Cooper (Free)

Ace of Squids

QSFer Elliot Cooper has a new MM paranormal mystery out: Everything changed when Grant’s lover, Ezra, gifted him a bejeweled filigree pocket watch, but nothing could have prepared him for Ezra’s macabre disappearance. Unable to accept Ezra might be dead, Grant does what he can to piece together a rescue. But Grant quickly discovers he’s running out of time. And the deeper he digs into the mystery of what’s happened to Ezra, the more entangled he becomes in the unspeakable truth that threatens to consume him, too. NOTE: this queer romantic horror short contains depictions of grief and eldritch body … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT – Stray: A Sentinel Story, by J.K. Hogan


QSFer J.K. Hogan has a new MM fantasy serial out, and it’s free: All of the mythical creatures that howl, prowl, bite, and kill-from vampires to werewolves, from wendigos to witches, monsters to demons-are real. The Midnight Sentinel exists to protect the delicate human race from the monsters that wish them harm. Sebastian Locke never asked to be a Prince among the Feliscindae, a race of feline shifters. He never asked to be the champion of an entire species. He never asked for responsibility. Noah Cowan never asked to be abandoned by his parents. He never asked to be homeless. … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Blessing and Light, by Kasia Bacon – FREE!

Blessing and Light

QSFer Kasia Bacon has a new MM Fantasy/Historical book out: It’s the Night of Winter Lights. Heedless of the holiday, the Commander of the H’Aren fortress, Captain Torýn Torhdhar, seems to find his satisfaction in work. Such occurrence hardly surprises his Orderly, Sæbastyn Hyago, even though the young Lieutenant has spent a silent, aching decade wishing his superior officer would pursue pleasure elsewhere—specifically in his arms. But as the evening continues, nothing about it meets Sæbastyn’s expectations. Will the Lieutenant see his secret desires realised, or his heart shattered? This alternative winter holiday short, set in the Order Universe, will … Read more

The Great Queer Sci Fi Giveaway


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