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FOR WRITERS: A Scientific Basis for Gender Identity

crystal ball

FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth: Our news article today: Suggests that scientists may have found a group of genes responsible for gender identity. Whether or not it’s true, it brought to mind a question. How would this change things for transgender, enby and gender fluid folks in society? Pull out your crystal balls and forecast the ramifications in society, good and bad. Join the chat

For Writers: What Story Will Change the World?

Crystal Ball

There have been a number of pivotal events in world history that have changed the course of human events, from the discovery of fire to the beginning of agriculture to the wheel, and more recently, from electricity to television to the internet. So get out your crystal balls. What one story or discovery (scientific, political, or otherwise) do you think will change the world the most in the next fifty years, and how? Join the chat here

How People A Century Ago Imagined We’d Dress Today

As the end of the year approaches, experts and pundits start rolling out their predictions for next year, and the year to come. But seeing into the future is a bit more challenging than these predictions make it seem — as the fascinating images below demonstrate. These fantastic visions of what fashion would look like in the future were published by W. Cade Gall in The Strand Magazine in 1893. The ideas, which were recently featured in The Public Domain Review, are based on the principle that fashion had moved in “waves” over the 19th Century, and would do so … Read more

The Next 800K Years in Sci Fi Predictions

Photo by Michel du Cille/The Washington Post

When will humans land on Venus? When will we have robot cats? And when will the aliens finally come? Science fiction offers some potential answers to these burning questions. The timeline below, created by designer Giorgia Lupi and her design team at Accurat for the blog Brain Pickings, lays out 62 future events predicted by various works of science fiction, from “Hunger Games” to Isaac Asimov. Here’s a selection: 2012: The Titanic is resurrected from the ocean floor. (“The Ghost from the Grand Banks,” Arthur C. Clarke) 2019: The U.S. loses its position as world leader to Japan. Extraterrestrial life … Read more